Friday, April 27, 2012

SC: Pink Forever & Ulta Treat

Hello, all! Boy do I have some things to share. I can't attribute all of it to this morning's business (though that is a big part of it) because some of this is leftover from last night. Even so, I think today I shall start with the polish. I have both cringed and marveled at this color. Not the polish itself; like most Sinful Colors it's a great formula that goes on smooth and dries fairly quickly. It's the color! It's called Pink Forever which is a fitting name, surely. As I was describing it to Brak, however, another name came to mind. Barbie Blood. This color is pink. Not light pink, dark pink, dusty pink, baby pink, reddish/orangey or any other tinted pink. Just pink. Ever since my chat buddy suggested pink it's gotten into my head. I don't think I ever would have picked up this color otherwise. It's great, very pink.... If you like pink. Trust me when I say that you have to like pink to want this color. lol

Pink Forever

See? Pink! I think I may have been possessed when I was digging through my box (now getting full with 201 bottles) of polish and also grabbed Sinful Colors: Pinky Glitter. My inital thought was to go all over like I did with my Valentine's Day Water Marble, but after my little treat trip I decided I'd be dealing with enough glitter in the near future. I opted, instead, for matching glitter tips.

Pinky Glitter

Cute, if a bit uneven. Ah well. So, what next? Yes, last night I was digging around the internets (uh-oh) and the Barry M magnetics are now on eBay! So instead of starting on the A Englands I'm going to go ahead and grab the dark silver (black) and blue ones when I cash out my internet monies in the next few weeks. Then I'll start hoarding purchasing the A Englands. Because, well, by then I should be about done with magnetics? Hopefully? Until Colette swatches the Nabis and I can see if the creamy looking ones are anything special.

Which catches me up to today. I was a good girl this morning and woke up early to clean out my car so I could take it to get inspected. Before I left I noticed an email from Ulta and they're having a buy 2 polishes get 1 free. All major brands (except OPI) and no mix and match, but so what? I printed out a coupon (again $3.50 off $10) and tucked that away in my purse. First I went and got my car inspected. Yes, first. Before the end of the month! See how good I was? After being all responsible I decided I deserved a little treat. So off to Ulta I ran. Er... drove. I checked out the clearance section first and it sucked again so I popped over to the more-or-less fully stocked China Glaze display. Now, I know there are some polishes from the Romantique collection that were added to the core line that I end up wanting whenever I see them swatched. Still... I guess the fact that they're (presumably) always going to be there keeps from from getting any. Instead my eyes were drawn to the Prismatics collection at the bottom of the display. When I first saw the bottles (and several times when I saw the swatches) I just wasn't impressed. That is, of course, until I saw the bottles in person and.... well.... my resolve kinda crumbled.

Ray-Diant, Optical Illusion & Full Spectrum

Ok, the bottles keep changing color so I'm having a hard time checking and Aaron's not up so I'm going by my monitor light, but I'm not sure those names are in the same order as the polishes.... sorry about that. :/ Anyway, I really don't plan on getting the other three. I actually could have stopped at two and gotten another ChG, but these were $8 (and they're selling the Magnetix for $10 which is way more than Sally's!) so I figured my free one should be $8, too. Frugal. ;) I wandered over to the essence display and almost got Gleam In Blue to throw into my (intended) upcoming denim-looking franken, but then... Well.... On my way to the register I popped over to where they had the Zoya Fleck Effects and they only had 4 of the green one and none of the other two!! *gasp!* So I put back Gleam In Blue (which I can get at HEB later if I want) and grabbed Opal before it managed to disappear before my very eyes.


When I checked out my total was a tad over $20 ($22.19 if you must know :p), but that's okay because I got this:

$5 Bonus Cash

What is that? As far as I can tell, it's like a $5 "coupon" that's only good mid-May for any purchase over $20 and you can't use it with another coupon (*pouts*) and it has to be attached to the reciept and you can't use it on clearance items. Unlike the regular print-out coupons that can be used on clearance items. Yay!? I'm unsure how good this is, but you can bet I'll be in Ulta sometime between 5/14 - 5/19 to find out and I'll probably be pretty excited then. lol Maybe I'll abstain from polish on that trip and convince myself it'll be a good time to find a nice finishing powder that better matches my skintone. -_- I just can't imagine spending more than $4 on powder (though recently I couldn't imagine spending more than $3 on polish....), but Aaron keeps noticing that it doesn't match and that's kind of a problem. *sigh* Ah well. Happy Friday everyone!


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    1. Yay! Good to know. :) I'm thinking of trying it over Cha Cha Cha first.


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