Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random Picture Time!

Welcome, all, to the April 2012 edition of "random pictures that have been sitting in my phone". Uhm.... Since I renamed them I have no idea in what order they were taken. So I'll start with this one! When I went to work the hose through the main outlet pipe I was about to hunker down when I saw this little sneaky curled up right where my butt was about to be.

Can ya see it? I went to grab a stick to move him and by the time I got back he was gone. -_- No idea where he went so I just grabbed a sheet to spread over the area.

The other night we decided to order pizza; since it was just Aaron and me. Papa John's has this great offer where any large pizza is only $11. With their snazzy online ordering we do a half-and-half. It's funny, really, because his half was extra cheese, pepperoni, onions, black olives, green peppers and mushrooms. My half was extra cheese, pepperoni, italian sausage, bacon and jalapenos. XD I just know the cashier that grabbed it thought the veggie side was my side.

Last time my dad was home he finally got my sister's Cougar towed away. Got more money from the scrap yard than he was trying to get selling it to people. So it all works out. Check out the first picture. Tow-truck guy tried to lift the car up before it was fully on the ramp.....

Oh, and I've made a couple more octopi.

Hehehehe I like the glasses one. My mom found a similar pattern for a squid, so I'll be giving that a shot next.

Saleen has decided that an empty cereal box makes the perfect bed.....

I also have some pictures from when I was working on the Xboxes. The first pic is just the Xbox all opened up and spread out. The second one is it half put-back-together so I could test the laser. It worked! lol

Lastly I have some blue popcorn.

And that's it. Not the most titillating selection, but now I have them off my phone and organized with the rest of my pc pics. Yay!


  1. Wait, how did the popcorn get blue??

    1. lol They sell it that way. :) It's that bag microwave popcorn and the inside of the bag is dusted with powdered food coloring. We used to have it as kids, too. I guess they're trying to bring it back. Except back then the butter stuff was colored, this was unbuttered so it was kinda flavorless. :/

  2. Replies
    1. Thankfully it was just a little one. We've had bigger ones out here before....


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