Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nabi Sky Blue Magnetic

As great as yesterday ended up being overall (Aaron's latex finally got here and we even got an auger to hopefully clear out the plumbing) when I went to paint my nails I just couldn't stop thinking "Ugh, stupid Friday the 13th.....". Things started off nicely enough with one smooth coat of Sky Blue.

I was trying to get a picture of the beauty of Sky Blue on it's own and the name of the polish and didn't quite succeed at either. Then the real problems started. I wanted to use the chevron design on the nabi bottle, so I grabbed one of those and got to work. Unfortunately.... this one didn't work out so well either. On my pinky it just looked like lines and on my ring finger it looked like a check-mark. So I grabbed the China Glaze magnet and tried that one. While it did turn out better than my first attempt, it wasn't as crisp as I would have ideally liked. So then I had another idea. Since I had the Dark Purple (the one with the chevron magnet) why not try an accent nail? I already tried a different design as an accent, why not different color with the same design?

Ok, that's pretty cool if I do say so myself. Though I kinda wish I had used pink instead. Ah well, I'll be using pink next time I go magnetic; I can use a sky blue accent nail then. Also, my experiences with the magnets has definitely created a need to try making my own. I have a few ideas (one of which being a useable chevron!) and, of course, if it works I'll be sharing how I did it so you can make your own, too! :D One of my problems is that my nails are pretty curvy so I had the idea to make a clay mold of my nails, but.... I doubt I'll be getting that fancy. I'm thinking more sticking the magnet to a round of thick paper and glueing that to a stick. We'll see! *fingers crossed*

In other news I've finally given in and joined Swagbucks. The name was a bit of a turn-off for me, but after only two days I'm almost 1/3 of the way to $5 for paypal. They also do amazon cards and a slew of other "prizes". So far my favorite feature is the "Swagbucks TV" where you get credited after watching 10 videos. It's only 3 "bucks", but it's adding up. You don't even have to watch the videos! You can do other stuff and it doesn't seem to notice, unlike other sites where you have to watch. I've gone through 15 (most of them are really short, too) while typing this up. Some of the clips are pretty interesting since you can choose from news, sports, beauty, etc. There are supposedly ways to win huge amounts of "bucks", but I'm not holding my breath. As it is I'm still 2 measly points away from $10 from OpinionOutpost. Only $1.50 more before I get a $20 check from CashCrate. Inboxdollars is climbing at an agonizingly slow pace, but we're doing some more jungle mowing today so depending on how that works out I could be super close to finally getting my hands on the Beetlejuice collection!! ....My box of unworn polish is getting full again. LOL Hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start!

Oh! Don't forget tomorrow is No Gas Day. If you're running towards E, fill up today! Ya know, if you want to participate. My dad filled up my car the other day and we barely put a dent in it so I'm good. lol


  1. I still love that wine color. Why don't we have Nabi in NC?

    1. I dunno. If you want I could grab Wine for you. Our Walgreens is a month behind ordering them, but apparently it's a choice for individual stores to make, so some won't be getting them at all. :(


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