Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nabi Neon Crackles

Yep. All of them! Even though I knew deep in my heart that painting neon over black was going to tone down the color, that's ok, because I have an idea in my head for a proper eye-blast with these later. And I'm really loving how they all look together. I did paint them on a bit thick on purpose. Not for the giant fault-line cracks (which I'm loving!), but because I wanted them to show up.

Left Hand:

Right Hand:

The only negative thing I can say about these Nabi crackles is I don't have more! they are a bit grabby. So next time I'll have to use a topcoat between it and my base polish. I don't know if you can pick it out in the pictures, but I have some streaky bald spots up towards the tips from the crackle pulling on it while it dried. Oh, and it stinks like KleanColor polish. Exact same smell. I'm kinda getting used to it, though, so I'm not counting that as a negative. Just extra information.

I had to see how it looked matte, since the original finish was matte. I just put a topcoat on so it didn't flake off.

I liked this so much I matte-ed them all. I found this oldie picture to show you why I'm so paranoid about flakey crackles. This was an old bottle of Cover Girl orange crackle I picked up at Dollar Tree years ago and it did not stick to my base color at all! As soon as it dried it flaked off.

LOL My nails are fah-ree-kay long there! I haven't used that polish since. :( I do still have it, though, so maybe I'll give it another shot. Eventually. Finally, since Sandy and I were talking about how bad my toes do or don't look:

Not too bad. I did trim them after taking that. You know how it is when you wear socks all day. OMG I don't even know where my sandals are! :/ Gonna have to poke around. It's getting warm out there.

Did anybody else see on the news about those twelve tornadoes that ripped through the DFW area? That truck lot they kept showing was not the Flying J. It was the Schneider lot right next to it and OMG thank goodness my dad was in Alabama at the time. As soon as those first two tornadoes hit Aaron and I were all over the phones making sure everyone was ok, and as far as we've heard on the news there were no fatalities. O_o Fantastic! Hope everyone's doing alright. Oh! Is it just me or does that look like a duochrome crackle in the upcoming Spiderman Collection?! *whimpers*


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