Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nabi Black Magnetic & White Noise

Yep. I said I was doing Pink next, but I'm a horrible filthy liar. I didn't want to do magnetic, but after the tragic mood polish fiasco I just wanted black. But I've used all of my blacks. Except this one. Hey. *psssst* If you want a super slick single coat black, get Nabi Magnetic Black. Being magnetic is definitely a bonus, but this was the single best applying black polish ever.

Ignore my lack of clean-up there, if ya kindly would. lol I think this may have worked out a little better if I had used one of the nabi magnets, but.... well.... I knew I was going to glitter over it, so I went with the star pattern again. It's nice, but not quite as impactful as I would have liked it to be.

My middle finger ended up way off center, but I actually really like that ray effect. I think I'll try to do that on purpose at some point. Then I added a layer of Warpaint Beauty: White Noise.

Love it. Still.... it really did scream for another coat of glitter. :D

It's like little LEDs on my nails! Indoors it looks more like tv static, but outside it's so amazingly blingy. Kinda cool either way, actually. Tomorrow should be a little more subdued. I think my eyeballs may need a little break from all the brightness.

In swagbucks news, I'm already 60% of the way to $5 in my paypal or 31% of the way to $10. Which I may hold out for since it costs fewer "bucks" to cash out at $10 than it does to get $5 twice....


  1. too bad the starburts didn't show thru the glitter more! but i love that the black is only one coat! So hard to find for black!

    1. I know, right? I expect black to be either all streaky or super gloopy, but this one is really nice. I was hoping it would show more, too. Definitely worth more experimenting. Magnetic layers. ;)

  2. Awesome black! I should get on the magnetic train! Lol!

  3. Super pretty glitter! Like stars in the sky ;)


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