Saturday, April 14, 2012

Magnet Making Experiment (fail)

Hi, everybody! (Hi, Dr. Nick!) As I mention in the title, this was a *fail*. Not epic, but fail nonetheless. Even so, I will share with you what I did and what happened and what I did as a result. Perhaps you'll have some ideas, or be inspired to try yourself and see if you can do better. I hope you can! Would be awesome. And if you do, then let me know! Cuz at the moment I don't know that I'll be trying again unless someone else has more success than I did.

Ok, so first I grabbed a magnetic tape strip and some scissors from the kitchen. Where are the scissors I keep next to my computer? Or the ones I keep in the bathroom for that matter? I have no idea. Thankfully my mom's kind of a packrat so we have scissors everywhere.

I didn't want to make my design too big, so I used my thumb (yep, my biggest nail) as a guide and cut off a "square" of the magnetic strip.

Then I grabbed my handy-dandy Sharpie (green) and drew a little heart on the magnet.

The next logical step was cutting out my little heart. ;)

Which I then stuck to the big end of my skewer/dotting tool after peeling off the paper backing. Oh look, you get a preview of what I have on now!

I grabbed my Nabi Magnetic Navy Blue, held my heart-shaped magnet over the polish for about 60 seconds and.....

.....uhm...... That doesn't look like a heart to me. Not even close, right? lol It did do *something*, though. Just not even close to what I expected. So I laid down another layer of the polish next to that one and cut off a fresh piece of magnet. To see if I could duplicate that weird blobby line thing I had going on there.

Which did absolutely nothing at all. How odd. Just to test my technique I laid down another bit of polish and used the "chevron" magnet on the polish, just to see.

Well, yeah, ok. The polish isn't broken. Just that my magnet didn't work. Could be that it was old, but that doesn't make a lot of sense. We have a bucket of 50 year old kitchen magnets that still stick to the fridge. :p So, what did Lizzy do next? Well, I'm about halfway to being able to afford the Beetlejuice collection and I only used most of my yardwork money to add to that, so I did have a little left. I went on eBay and ordered this. Heart design magnet rod. Yes, the image looks really shoddy, but I'm hoping it's like the problem I had with the star design at first. Just hold it a bit longer and the image will be more defined. *fingers crossed* Either way, I tried looking up reviews online and didn't find a single one so maybe I can be the first to tell the world whether this slab of magnet is worth the $2 price tag or not. Ya know, when I get it sometime in May. If it works out well I have a couple of other cheap magnet rods bookmarked. I really want to try the heart on the pink, so there's a chance I won't be doing magnetic polish again for a bit. Or maybe I'll use the star on the pink, because I really love that star design. Alternatively I could quick being so nitpicky and turn the chevron sideways and use it as a funky kind of wave? Time will tell!


  1. maybe the magnet strips just weren't strong enough? could they hold up a piece or two of paper on the fridge?

    1. I dunno. They curve so I dunno if they'd hold too well if they were strong enough. I'll try and flatten one and see if it does.


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