Sunday, April 29, 2012

Long Way to Shop

Hello everybody. Today I got to drive my dad back up to the lot in Dallas. Sad to see him go, but I always look forward to the trip. First thing this morning I headed out to pick up a few essentials for the road. Would you believe part of those essentials were nail polish? They were on sale! Except the essence, I'm kinda trying to collect 'em all (they're the Pokemon of polish, if you will) so I added that.

That's (from left to right) Sinful Colors: Kissy & Nirvana (another for the mummy water marble) and essence: Modern Romance. So then we headed up to Dallas and got my dad dropped off at the lot. Which was more of a pain in the ass then it should have been. Why not just say "push button to be let in" instead of "pull up to yellow speaker, wait for someone, then pull backwards and push the button to be let in"? Actually only that first part was on the sign, but that's what ended up happening. At least getting out was easier. Then Aaron and I decided to swing by that Uptown Village mall in Cedar Hills. That.... was interesting. The part of the "mall" with Ulta and Barnes & Noble reminded us of the "village" at 6 Flags. Buildings all crammed together, except it was worse since people drive through this one. Anyway, coupon and card in hand I popped into Ulta while Aaron went to check out the Barnes & Noble. I had fully intented to pick up some China Glazes, but... Zoya called my name this time. Still buy 2 get 1 free, so I got three Zoya's for $13.50 after coupon and tax. That's, like, $4.50 a piece? Not bad, eh?

I finally decided on Charla, Gilda and Tao. I almost got more from the Tru collection, but I was kinda mesmerized by the glitters.... And I'm telling myself that Gilda is "bright red" and not "hot pink". It does look red in my room, so that's helping. lol Then I popped over to Barnes & Noble and Aaron was still looking at books, so we looked together for a while. He was trying to find a decent ghost book and finally decided on this huge one that was $2 cheaper than the smaller (but more locally relevant) one. After totally brainfarting and forgetting the name of the author/book that Brak recommended I headed for the King aisle and decided on one I'm 97% sure I haven't read yet.

Which, looking at it now and judging by the creases in the spine, I think someone was sitting around reading. Ah well. Not like I haven't gotten "used" books before. Just usually I pay "used" prices for them.... I'm so sorry I didn't get any pictures of the statue or the fountain. My phone was seriously low on battery and my car charger is so finicky. I did get it working, but not until after lunch. I had just enough power to point my GPS towards Burger King.

It was good. I got a Double Stacker and Aaron got a Whopper like we always do. The place was a little small and cramped, though, and it took them forever to prepare our food. At least there weren't any screaming kids or anything like that. While I was trying to charge and point my GPS towards home I thought it was strange that I had full signal strength. That almost never happens. Then Aaron saw this:

Can you hear the buzzing? lol I'm so glad I don't live next to that. What's that? "Gee, Lizzy, where's the polish?"? Ha! I'm not done with it yet. That is, I won't be getting the final pics until morning so you'll just have to be a bit patient. ;) I do have some interesting sort of swatches, though. I will say I am wearing Opal. I decided to watch Colette's swatches before making any final decisions on the base color and I'm so glad I did. I wanted to try it over Cha Cha Cha, but as the video pointed out (and my personal swatching confirmed), a green base washes out the green flakies! What did I decide on? Well, I'll give you a hint: It's one of these six colors-

That is Mink, Gotcha Grape, Phoebe, Silver Mint, Cha Cha Cha, and Nabi Black magnetic. It's one of those! And it's amazing!! I did notice something very cool, though, while prepping my decrepit nail wheel for color testing.

That is one coat of Phoebe over.... whatever flakey/glitter polish I had on there from before. But look! It's sheer enough to show through and mattify the underneath polish! :D Pretty cool, and it gives me ideas. What else? Oh yeah!

I started with CashCrate back in... December? Years ago, in reality, but I forgot about it. Anyway, 3 and a half months (give or take) and I'm automatically cashing out the $20+ I've accumulated. Bundle Monster time!! *happy dance* I'm also 76% on my way to $10 from Swagbucks and already made enough from InstantCashSweepstakes to cash out! After only a week or so. Huzzah! So the two Barry M magnetics are practically in my hands as well. OH! And I emailed A England, because the payment information was a little confusing. It says that credit/debit card orders will be processed through paypal. So I wrote and asked if I could just pay with my paypal balance and they said yes. :) OMG So many awesome polishes still to try. Almost glad I still have a couple of weeks before Beetlejuice gets here. Almost.... ;) Hope everyone's enjoyed their weekend!


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