Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Goodish Hair Day

I was going to keep my melon/berry nails for another day (the lady at Mickey's liked them!), but then I noticed a chip. Haven't gotten around to pics yet, but I will in the morning light. Want a hint? MooD. Today is more of a hair day. Woke up feeling like being pretty so I locked myself in the bathroom for an hour to straighten my hair. Even though we're not really doing anything until tomorrow. :p Last time I sat down and did myself up for pictures was way back at the beginning of February.

I've been trying to grow it out, so I haven't cut it to even out the ends yet. Now that it's a little longer the unevenness isn't quite that noticeable anymore. After straightening it again, however, it's definitely time to trim my bangs. lol

Yeah, the box red isn't as bright as the Manic Panic. I'm going to have to do it black for Halloween and I haven't decided yet if I want to keep doing red or not so... I've got time to think about it. A little under a month, at least. Anyway, after straightening my hair it kind of arranged itself to the side like that on it's own. I kinda like it, but I wasn't sure if it was too young looking for me. So I put it to a vote on facebook and all of my friends, at least, think it looks better like this. I still need to trim them a bit since the top of the angle is still centered (easier to tell in real life), but hopefully I can manage to keep the angle-line straight without messing it all up. lol Worst case scenario I'll make a trip to San Antonio and have Ricky or his mom do it. ;)

Either way I can't wait until it grows back out. I like how long it was back in January before I decided to cut off all of the bleach-damaged ends.

As far as practicality I do like it a little shorter (though not as short as I ended up cutting it!), but I definitely prefer how the longer hair makes my face look skinnier. Anybody remember the name of that little exerciser thingy that's supposed to help you get rid of a double-chin? I need to get one of those.... Also after seeing the infomercial, I want to get this hair removal thingy. Sucks it's so expensive. :/ I hate getting old....

Hope everyone's enjoying their week. :)


  1. I like your hair the length in January too! Pretty! It's such a pain to grow out your hair. It always has that awkward in-between stage!

    1. Thanks. :) Luckily I usually just cut it straight across the bottom so it's not too akward. It just takes SO long! lol


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