Friday, April 13, 2012

essence: A Lovely Secret & BCF Haul

Ok, *phew* Finally ready to post. Busy morning. Starting with last night's total triumph over the Xbox! Yep, I fixed it. The really scary part is that it was so easy a 12 year old could do it.... and did.... because I swear that's how old the kid in the video was.... That doesn't matter, though, because I fixed ours and it works and I didn't screw up my mani in the process and now we're $160 richer. Sort of. Ya know, because a penny saved is a penny earned....? Sure.

*ahem* Today's polish is brought to you by what I can only assume is some sort of mental instability I've developed regarding nail polish. After just having worn Marley there is no logical reason I can fathom that would explain why picking up A Lovely Secret seemed like such a good idea at the time. Perhaps it was that I like their quick-dry formula and I'm running out of essence polishes that I don't have? Whatever the reason, ALS is bee-yoo-tiful!! If there is such a color as "bubblegum purple", essence nailed it here.

Also, it does indeed have a lovely secret!! This isn't your average "light purple creme" polish. There's blue and pink sparkles in it, too! Which you may be able to pick out if you look just right.... apparently my camera didn't like it even though it picked up the purple pretty accurately. Ok, I can't find the other (non-orange) polish that I paired with Luxe and Lush, but whatever it was had me a bit disappointed. I couldn't understand why it looked like snow in the bottle, but then got so ugly on my nails! Yesterday Bethany paired it with Barry M's Vivid Purple and it looked so pretty! So, hey, while I'm wearing purple I may as well give it another chance. It's only polish, right? If I didn't like it I could just take it off....

*GASP* So pretty! Pinks and greens and blues and NO orange!! I like orange when I like orange, but not when I'm expecting something else. Even the lady at Burlington Coat Factory said she loves this. :D My first ever nail compliment from a stranger! So exciting. That on top of my super frugality. I mentioned the $10 off $10+ coupon I found in my car yesterday. So this morning I trotted over to the mall and had a look around. Most of the polishes I thought would be just like the Runts. Made for kids and generally crappy.... Then I found this!!

Color changing polish! The last box out. So glad I didn't spend $5+ on it at Claire's or Justice. hehehe I'm not expecting the color change to be drastic (why doesn't someone make hyper-color polish?! That would be amazing!!), but with summer coming up and going in and out of air-conditioning it should be fun. I did a quick swatch on my palette and the formula appears to be ok. There's no way those four bottles would cost $10, though, right? Right. I peeked around trying to figure out how to bring my total up to $10 and I almost got some lip balm and almost got some perfume spray, but finally I decided to be a tad practical and got six pairs of socks.

Can never have too many pairs of socks. So I managed to accomplish my other goal and walked out of BCF with 4 polishes and 6 pairs of socks for a buck. Not too shabby, eh? Sorry for that slew of out-of-focus pictures. I forgot I turned macro off to try and get a picture of a far-away butterfly yesterday. -_- My bad.

Oh.... there is some bad news, though. Check out this post from Oooh, Shinies!.... yep.... Glitter Crackles. I had seen the bottle-shot preview before and was hoping they were going to be boring, but they just look so cool. I'm glad they don't come out until May. I want the blue, and the pink.... and the green.... and probably the purple, too.... Part of my brain is trying to convince me that Ulta has the other ChG crackles on clearance for $2 and the same could very easily happen with these and I'd regret paying $7 when they come out, but.... I just don't know if I'm willing to take that chance. I wish ChG would have sent me the whole set to review..... *sigh* I guess that's the price I pay for not wanting a super popular blog. LOL I definitely prefer a smaller audience. FYI if anybody reading this is sick of skipping past the non-nail related stuff and wants to unsubscribe, but would feel bad because my # is small enough to notice, go ahead. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not a nail blogger. Just a regular ol' blogger who likes (loves) nail polish. My blog is kind of like my diary and the polish is just another part of my life. I think I was more surprised than anybody that people actually care what's on my nails. Of course that's not to say I don't appreciate everyone one of my readers. You guys are great and it is good to feel like I'm not just talking to myself out here. ;) Happy Friday the 13th!!!


  1. I love that mani! Glad you find a good use for Luxe and Lush :)

    1. Thanks, me too! :D Couldn't have done it without you.

  2. I love the luxe and lush over that essence! I'm glad you got your x box fixed, it was a shame when it ruined your mani when it broke :( Also don't you love getting compliments on your nails in public? It makes your day! One last thing, I like reading about things other than nails on blogs! Even nail blogs! I think it's interesting to hear about people's days in general. So continue following I will!

    1. Yay! Glad to hear it. :) I like reading other stuff, too. Makes us seem more like real people. lol It really did make my day, too. Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky?


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