Monday, April 9, 2012

Crocheted Aliens & Polish Find

Wow. Today was definitely.... interesting? Long? Something. I dunno. Maybe my exhaustion has something to do with staying up until 2am making this little cutie:

*SQUEELS!* It is adorable. I think the glossy 'button' eyes would have make it look slightly more realistic, but yarn it is. I will not be making this little booger again any time soon. Between the thinner yarn and the smaller hook this thing was a giant pain. It's cute, but painful. It reminds me of the alien PuPu from Final Fantasy 8. Also cute, but painful. LOL

Today I made the Brain Slug. I don't have a barrette or headband to put him on, but he's cute, too.

I used the bigger hook for this one so he was a little easier. Actually, side-by-side I can hardly tell a difference. Oh, and if you're unfamiliar with brain slugs, that white thing is his eye, not a mouth. Probably would be more apparent with the glossy button eye.... Anyway, since yesterday I've also made two more octopi.

I know, they look similar to the ones yesterday, but they're different. The smaller one on the left was done with this thin baby yarn and the one on the right is more blue-purple and less pink than yesterday's. Different I tell you! Speaking of different, I'll have my polish up tomorrow. I'm trying to save on remover a little since I went all the way out to the Walgreens in Belton and found *drumroll*

The magnetic Nabi rack!! I got purple, teal and dark red. The dark red one I've seen swatched and it's insanely awesome because the lines go black. Perfect vampy look for Halloween. I can't promise I won't go back, but if you'll notice I'm still slowly making progress so I don't feel too bad. Aaron keeps asking me if I'm sure I don't want anymore because "once they're sold out they're probably not coming back". Very wise for someone who doesn't follow polish. I think I'm going to hold off because it's been hinted that I "may have a package coming" after mentioning it to someone.... hrm. Also, I'm just waiting for the day when one of these "I'm so totally over magnetic polishes" people looks back at some swatches five years from now and says "You know what? That's really cool. I wish I had gotten more of those." Uh-huh. I never gave crackle a second thought until I started jonesing for it and it was nowhere to be found.

I'm getting a pretty serious crick in my neck so I think I'll abstain from octopus making for a bit and play some sims. After I try out this Wet n Wild: Wild Card finally. It has the distinction of being the last polish I bought "normally", before my giant frenzy, and I still haven't worn it. Bad Lizzy! Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!


    I want one! The Alien! he is so cute! the octipi are cute too! LOL

    Can't wait to see the new polish

    1. lol I was gonna make you an octopus as soon as my mom's done with the blue. You can make your own damn alien. :p LOL

  2. Such a cute alien! Sorry it was such a pain!

    1. Me too! I wanted an army of them, but I guess one will have to do. lol

  3. Wow these are all just way too cute for words! And your stitches (loops? hooksies?) are so neat!


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