Monday, April 16, 2012

China Glaze: Haute Metal and Nail Mail

I wish I could have gotten this up earlier, but I guess that's a little selfish. Yesterday I got a package from the ever wonderful Bethany, and now her dad is in the hospital. :( My heart goes out to her, and I feel a bit bad posting as normal. Hopefully everything will be ok, and my happy thoughts for her reach her. Tomorrow I'll do a nice, bright mani dedicated to her. Not her normal colors, but I'm a believer in the power of positive thinking so *hopefully*.

Onto the mail! As promised Bethany sent Mitzi (*grins*), and again she had a little surprise for me. China Glaze Haute Metal! Metallic Crackle love.

Which I literally could not wait to try, but I'll get to that in a minute. First, my second completed collection! Phoebe, Lolly & Mitzi. The Mod Mattes.

Today ended up being a pretty exciting day for polish, actually. The ever awesome Tammy gave me the heads-up that the magnetic Nabis are now in town! We had some time to kill so we headed out to Walgreens, then Aaron kinda strongarmed me into getting some. "Just get them if you want to and quit worrying about it. Jeez...." LOL They had some interesting looking creamy looking ones that intrigued me, but Abbie's post of the near-black Barry M magnetic and my love for all things green swayed me away from those. And these ones are $3.99, not 3 for $10 so I only got two.

Lovely. *sigh* I will be stalking the Barry M site until they put their magnetic polishes up so I know how much I have to save after Beetlejuice to get my hands on at least one of those. They got different magnets!! Yes, I'm a sucker. Totally deranged. Can't help it. lol Anyway, back at the house I had a choice to make. I knew I wanted to try Haute Metal over one of the Color Club foils, but which one? Well, I ruled out Foil Me Once because I thought they looked a bit too similar.

Although, in the picture they don't look that similar.... hrm. So I sat here for a bit debating. Holding Haute Metal over the other bottles trying to imagine the best combination and finally it dawned on me. Skittles!!

Just to refresh, from thumb to pinky you have: Cold Metal, Lumin-Icecent, Perfect Mol-Ten, Antiquated, and Hot Like Lava. :D Now, the thing about these Foiled polishes is that they are super pigmented, but they get their shine and texture from bazillions of microscopic glitters (which you may be able to pick out around my fingernails) so I added a smooth topcoat and let that dry completely before adding Haute Metal.

They all look so neat! I like that they have the same texture going on and the difference in subtlety is cool, too. My favorite, though, I think has to be the Haute-Cold Metal combo.

I really dig the depth and duality. It's actually been a couple of days since I painted my toes, and I wanted something jarringly bright (but not Mitzi, not yet) and when I put my socks on today I became inspired. What else, but Japanese Koi?

There's a pedi to make you smile. lol If you want to see the inspirational socks you should be able to click here and sneak a peak. Tomorrow: Mitzi. Hopefully with a bit of a surprise. *fingers crossed* I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and, Bethany, I hope everything turns out ok with your dad. *hugs*


  1. I'm so glad you like the polishes! Thanks for thinking about me <3

    1. <3 Of course. I know how scary it is when your dad gets put in the hospital. Being an adult doesn't help at all.


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