Monday, April 2, 2012

ChG: Japanese Koi & SP: Cracked Coal

Ok, so the plan was to post this tomorrow, but Sandy informed me that if I didn't do Cling On soon she could possibly die from waiting and, well, I won't have that death on my hands. LOL Before I post my polish, I have two posts to share from bloggers who're wearing polishes for Autism Awareness Day. I didn't know that was today or I wouldn't have gone with neon orange. My niece suffers from autism and she's such a darling, but it still always makes me a little sad. So to help spread the word I'd like to share these posts by The Nail Buff and Chalkboard Nails.

Ok, so this completed mani is dubbed "My Tribute to Polish Luck". Not too long ago I was telling Sandy how much I really wished I still had my neon polishes (from way back in middle school) and really needed to get more. I've recently learned how and where to find more polish than whatever Walmart and HEB had and now I'm practically swimming in neon polish and couldn't be happier! Here for your viewing pleasure: Japanese Koi!

In my room it's not terribly impressive, but even with completely overcast skies this polish glows. Even indoors in places with flourecent lights! It is matte and did dry pretty quickly, but unlike Phoebe I did have a problem with chipping on this one. Hence the mess. Needed another coat on my middle and index fingers. Oh, and this is 4 coats. 5 on those two nails.

The second polish type I had been missing since my school-girl days was crackle. A lot of people don't remember that back in the mid90s crackle was huge and I'm downright giddy that it's made a comeback. At least long enough for me to grab a few before the price skyrockets!!

Instant tiger! *rawr!* Cracked Coal did tone down the "neon" a bit more than I expected. I could try a topcoat to see if shining it up would help, buuuuut I'll be taking it off once I get back from my mom's appointment this afternoon anyway.

The only thing not included is my lovely metallic. I could have used Oxidized Aqua (metallic blue crackle by China Glaze), but I thought that would be a bit.... tacky. So, yes, I've gotten lucky with my newly refound polish love. I still think I'm spending an insane amount of money on new polish and am helpless to stop myself at times, but at least I can recognize that I've been quite lucky finding those polishes I've missed in addition to new loves. Here's hoping nothing super mind-blowing comes out while I'm saving up for the Beetlejuice duochrome (new love) collection!!


  1. wow that is really bright! I do love the black crackle over reminds me of flames! I think the Sims had some clothing kinda like that! LMAO!

    1. LOL I think they did, too. In one of the stuff packs with all the racing stuff? Maybe.

  2. I agree with the above comment: Flames! That's what I immediately thought of!

  3. It looks so cool, like lava!


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