Saturday, April 21, 2012

ChG: Icicle & Water Marble!

OMG! Since I've been so good and made it to the halfway mark for Beetlejuice without killing us in the process, Aaron just gave me the last $40 I need to get it!! :D So first thing Monday I'm going to the bank and getting the paypal process started. AWESOME!!

On to the water marble. See? Told you I'd do it. For once I'm not a dirty, rotten liar. ;) Let's start with my base. China Glaze: Icicle. A very lovely silver polish. The kind that is made of up bazillions of teensy little glitters.

Application was fairly smooth and it dried pretty quickly. As you can see on my right hand, however, it's not a fool-proof single-coat polish.

I mentioned before that I was going through my blog when I decided to water marble. This combination was one of the first I came up with when I was testing polishes for marbleability. I absolutely loved it and was going to use it for Mardi Gras, but didn't. For some reason. I don't know. Anyway, I did it today and it's pretty cool. My hands ended up totally different, though.

Left Hand

Right Hand

At least the hands themselves are consistant. And the thumbs match the hands!

Left Thumb
Right Thumb

Ta-da! I think I like my right hand better. Has more of the green and purple. Oh yeah! Duh. I used China Glaze Icicle and ChaChaCha and Savvy Gotcha Grape. Which I totally spazzed on taking the bottle outside with me, so here it is if you're curious.

Following Abbie's suggestion I popped over to the A England site and signed up for the newsletter. I also made my wishlist which consists of 9 polishes. Including the top and base coat. The part I love is that, like Abbie said, international shipping is free! So I don't have to save up for all 9 (a whopping $130.50!!) all at once. I can get them one at a time without spending extra on shipping. :D Don't worry, I'll be taking down the savings ticker after my order is placed and won't inundate you with individual little ones for the A England polishes which I'm super psyched about! The colors are amazing and I've only heard good things about the formula.

Ah crud. *facepalm* Barry M just added the magnetic polishes to their site. I only really want the black, though (after seeing them and their magnets) and shipping to here is £8.00 which is $13 so that would be over $20 for that one polish. :/ I think I'll wait til somebody has it on amazon or eBay.


  1. So, so good! I love your water marble!! I can't wait to see your Model's Own swatches!


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