Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beetlejuice Breakdown

I borrowed some pictures from the Models Own site to help illustrate why I'm saving up $83. I'm really not a completely crazy person. There are two big problems that are making it come out to so much. The first is that when they added the three new colors to the lineup they knocked out my big favorite from the box set. The second is how they work their shipping. :/ So, first up is the repackaged box set.

This includes: Indian Ocean, Copper Pot, Tropical Sun, Aqua Violet and Pinky Brown. It is £20 which equals $31.65. Now since getting that and Golden Green would bump me up into the next highest shipping bracket, why not take advantage of their "Buy 3 Save £3 deal?

Ok, that's Golden Green, Purple Blue and Emerald Black. Regularly £15, but get all three and that's £12 or $18.99. *phew* Next is shipping.

Look at that!! So unfair. Anyway, "rest of the world" shipping for £25 and up is £19.95 or $31.57. Bringing Lizzy's Grand Total to $82.21. Which, from what I've seen and heard of Models Own the brand and these colors in particular, should be money well spent. So it comes out to a little over $10/bottle..... I'm counting it as my birthday present to myself. ;)


  1. That makes sense now! Lol I can't wait to see these swatched!

  2. woo hoo you've saved $1 already!

    1. Yep! lol Actually I'm close to cashing out $20 from one of my sites, but I'm not counting that until the check is in my hand.


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