Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Avon Calling! (Illusion)

If blogger is loading up properly, you may have noticed my new goal ticker. :D I know it's a bit garish and mildly intrusive. I put it there kinda to be noticeable, and don't quite mind doing so since I'll be taking it down after I've saved up the money. Hopefully it'll help keep me on track. So, how excited was I to find this waiting for me when we got home yesterday?

Pretty darn excited. lol Of course they had to send a catalogue, but they also sent this little perfume sample for Celebrate and it smells so good!

It reminds me of something, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe my mom used to have something like it... Anyway, here's the polishes I ordered!

OMG look how teeny tiny the mini bottle is!! Thankfully this is just a place-holder. One day I'll reget the proper size Lagoon. It's too pretty not to.

So yesterday afternoon as I was waiting for the landlord to come by (he said he would... it's almost like he doesn't want our money all of a sudden) I sat on the ramp and did my nails. Illusion is not quite what I was expecting. The Avon site picture made it look blue with purple, but it is obviously like a seafoam green. With purple shimmer. Which did not want to come out and play today!

Yep, Hello Kitty bow sticker cuz I got bored. Still.... I don't understand! I get that it's overcast, but really? I was staring at it all night thinking "Wow! That's more like what I expected from Gemma!" And then all of a sudden it's shy. Then I got to thinking.... I had to trick my camera for Japanese Koi by taking the picture before the camera had time to logic-ify the image... maybe that'll work for Illusion? Well, kinda. It worked a little better taking the pics inside in a dark room and letting the flash do all of the work:

Gee.... Thanks macro. You'd think I didn't clean up my edges at all.... It's still not coming off as full-coverage shimmery goodness as I know it can. Actually, here in front of my monitor (in the dark) it looks like a purple cream. That's how strong the shimmer is! Hrm.... Nope... Webcam just made it look grey. -_- It really is pretty (even if it's not what I expected) and I'll try and get pics if the sun ever decides to show his face. If you want to try it for yourself you can order here. Hey, you just might get a sample of Celebrate, too! Then maybe you can tell me what it smells like!! LOL

And last night while we were at Walmart Aaron got this for me out of the crane game:

He tried to get me a stuffed Keroppi, but he was too heavy. :( This is cute, though. And perfectly sized that I can hide away my Beetlejuice money before I deposit it. :D Also to aid my efforts, because that really is a lot of money, I went through my blog and wrote down all of the polishes I've featured so when I run out of untrieds I can dip into unfeatureds! I didn't include ones that I used just to stamp with or as part of a bigger design. Gonna be interesting to see what I can dig out of my Big Box O' Polish.


  1. i love Avon perfumes! But i always seem to fall in love with ones that get discontinued! I love "Be Spontaneous" and Dreamlife Bouquet in the pink bottle...all you can find is the blue one and it doesn't smell anything like the pink one! I've even tried to find them at Avon shops at the flea market (the have older avon products) but it's a no go :(

    1. *boo*! Same thing happened to my mom with her fave Yves Rocher perfume. :/ Stop discontinuing the good stuff!!!!


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