Monday, April 30, 2012

AbbiNail Giveaway!

Yep, another giveaway that makes me wish I had a Twitter account. lol She's giving away some beautiful polishes, so go check her out! Click Here. Good luck to everybody who enters. (I hope it's me.... lol) Oh! She said we could use her picture when promoting so let's see if this works....

Yep! Good luck, again!

??? with Zoya: Opal

Hi there, lovelies. Yes, even though I'm about to reveal the big secret and you could probably gather from the thumbnail, I couldn't resist just a bit more mystery. So, what did I finally decide on?

Savvy: Gotcha Grape. Sorry for the wierd tint, but it did not want to show up as purple and I wanted to show you what it really looks like. Well "really" over a coat of black... and under the expensive 'white' light bulb I got for the table lamp. If you can focus on the nails and not so much my orangey fingers, that's about what it looks like for real. I almost picked Mink because the green and brown looked really lovely and organic together, but I just couldn't keep away from the purple/green contrast. One of my favorite combos. It really does pop, too!

I probably would have gotten the blue flakey yesterday, but watching Colette's swatch video (which you should be able to get to here if you're curious) showed that the green and blue look practically the same. So I didn't. And they didn't have the pink one. Anyway, you can kinda see Opal's blue side here:

You know I couldn't keep myself from reaching for the matte topcoat. ;)

In this shot you can kinda see how Opal almost blends in with the purple from certain angles.

I was going to try out Gilda, but.... I think I'm going to take a mild color break and try out Tao first. Oh, hey! I should be getting my heart-shaped magnet in soon. *fingers crossed* Happy Last Day of April!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Long Way to Shop

Hello everybody. Today I got to drive my dad back up to the lot in Dallas. Sad to see him go, but I always look forward to the trip. First thing this morning I headed out to pick up a few essentials for the road. Would you believe part of those essentials were nail polish? They were on sale! Except the essence, I'm kinda trying to collect 'em all (they're the Pokemon of polish, if you will) so I added that.

That's (from left to right) Sinful Colors: Kissy & Nirvana (another for the mummy water marble) and essence: Modern Romance. So then we headed up to Dallas and got my dad dropped off at the lot. Which was more of a pain in the ass then it should have been. Why not just say "push button to be let in" instead of "pull up to yellow speaker, wait for someone, then pull backwards and push the button to be let in"? Actually only that first part was on the sign, but that's what ended up happening. At least getting out was easier. Then Aaron and I decided to swing by that Uptown Village mall in Cedar Hills. That.... was interesting. The part of the "mall" with Ulta and Barnes & Noble reminded us of the "village" at 6 Flags. Buildings all crammed together, except it was worse since people drive through this one. Anyway, coupon and card in hand I popped into Ulta while Aaron went to check out the Barnes & Noble. I had fully intented to pick up some China Glazes, but... Zoya called my name this time. Still buy 2 get 1 free, so I got three Zoya's for $13.50 after coupon and tax. That's, like, $4.50 a piece? Not bad, eh?

I finally decided on Charla, Gilda and Tao. I almost got more from the Tru collection, but I was kinda mesmerized by the glitters.... And I'm telling myself that Gilda is "bright red" and not "hot pink". It does look red in my room, so that's helping. lol Then I popped over to Barnes & Noble and Aaron was still looking at books, so we looked together for a while. He was trying to find a decent ghost book and finally decided on this huge one that was $2 cheaper than the smaller (but more locally relevant) one. After totally brainfarting and forgetting the name of the author/book that Brak recommended I headed for the King aisle and decided on one I'm 97% sure I haven't read yet.

Which, looking at it now and judging by the creases in the spine, I think someone was sitting around reading. Ah well. Not like I haven't gotten "used" books before. Just usually I pay "used" prices for them.... I'm so sorry I didn't get any pictures of the statue or the fountain. My phone was seriously low on battery and my car charger is so finicky. I did get it working, but not until after lunch. I had just enough power to point my GPS towards Burger King.

It was good. I got a Double Stacker and Aaron got a Whopper like we always do. The place was a little small and cramped, though, and it took them forever to prepare our food. At least there weren't any screaming kids or anything like that. While I was trying to charge and point my GPS towards home I thought it was strange that I had full signal strength. That almost never happens. Then Aaron saw this:

Can you hear the buzzing? lol I'm so glad I don't live next to that. What's that? "Gee, Lizzy, where's the polish?"? Ha! I'm not done with it yet. That is, I won't be getting the final pics until morning so you'll just have to be a bit patient. ;) I do have some interesting sort of swatches, though. I will say I am wearing Opal. I decided to watch Colette's swatches before making any final decisions on the base color and I'm so glad I did. I wanted to try it over Cha Cha Cha, but as the video pointed out (and my personal swatching confirmed), a green base washes out the green flakies! What did I decide on? Well, I'll give you a hint: It's one of these six colors-

That is Mink, Gotcha Grape, Phoebe, Silver Mint, Cha Cha Cha, and Nabi Black magnetic. It's one of those! And it's amazing!! I did notice something very cool, though, while prepping my decrepit nail wheel for color testing.

That is one coat of Phoebe over.... whatever flakey/glitter polish I had on there from before. But look! It's sheer enough to show through and mattify the underneath polish! :D Pretty cool, and it gives me ideas. What else? Oh yeah!

I started with CashCrate back in... December? Years ago, in reality, but I forgot about it. Anyway, 3 and a half months (give or take) and I'm automatically cashing out the $20+ I've accumulated. Bundle Monster time!! *happy dance* I'm also 76% on my way to $10 from Swagbucks and already made enough from InstantCashSweepstakes to cash out! After only a week or so. Huzzah! So the two Barry M magnetics are practically in my hands as well. OH! And I emailed A England, because the payment information was a little confusing. It says that credit/debit card orders will be processed through paypal. So I wrote and asked if I could just pay with my paypal balance and they said yes. :) OMG So many awesome polishes still to try. Almost glad I still have a couple of weeks before Beetlejuice gets here. Almost.... ;) Hope everyone's enjoyed their weekend!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

China Glaze: Full Spectrum

Howdy howdy howdy. :) I don't know what is up with me today, but I'm so tired. So if I start rambling or stop making sense, please forgive me. Last night I was sitting here trying to figure out which of the Prismatic polishes I wanted to try first. They all kind of look the same in our crummy yellow light, so I covered up the bottles and had Aaron pick a color from the caps. "That's not fair" he says. lol Apparently not since he ended up picking Full Spectrum. The lavendar/pinky/silverish one. So that method may have backfired a bit. Still, look at all this glitter!!

Full Spectrum is a tad thick (as I've read the rest of them are as well), but it dried almost instantly! So three coats for full opacity was no big deal. Except for the time I waited on three layers of topcoat, because this is one of those rough glitters that eats topcoat like candy. I wanted it smooth, though, because smoothed over glitters look better matte-ed than rough ones, right? Anyway, here's an out of focus picture so you can fully appreciate the sheer amount of glitter.

I mentioned yesterday that the bottles kept changing color on me so I wasn't sure which was which in regards to the picture. Apparently there is a prismatic effect to the glitter that... I didn't quite understand until I was looking at the picture of the bottle. Why did I just take a picture of the bottle? Why not? Other people do it so I figured I'd give it a shot.

See how it kinda looks half empty? It really isn't. The top half is showing the darker lavendar and the bottom is showing the lighter pinky color. :) Weird, huh? My advice is if you're going to grab any of these, then look at the bottle from as many angles as you can. They are decieving! Partly thanks to this sort of duochrome, partly because they're all the same pastelly kind of shades (more or less, one of them was obviously a darker blue if I remember correctly), and partly because I think the large glitter is the same in all of them.... A point which I'll make shortly. First, though, Matte!

Hrm. I think I actually like this better shiney. Because, when matte, it kind of accentuates the one part of this polish I'm on the fence about. The bigger glitter pieces. I think I would have preferred either all coordinating with the base, or all opposite from the base. (You know, like purple with orange and yellow for example?) Instead they decided to use all colors for the bigger glitter. I saw red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, pink and silver. Can you see them all?

I'm not sure whether I like it or not? Maybe if there was a little less of it? It just kinda feels like they had a ton of leftover glitter and just dumped it in. *shrugs* That said, I'm still looking forward to the glitter crackles. lol Overall I do like this color. Not just because it's China Glaze or just because it was $8 and I'd feel kind of obligated. I just think it's better shiney and if I don't scrutinize the bigger glitters too much. I did see one of them (possibly Ray-Diant?) swatched over black and that was gorgeous so I'm probably going to try that with one of them. I also discovered something else kinda cool looking while I was doing my toes last night.

That's one coat of Full Spectrum over one coat of Lumin-Icecent. If I had intended to glitter my toes I would have picked Foil Me Once (the pink one) to match better, but it was an afterthought. Still, I can put Ray-Diant (the green one, according to my spreadsheet) over Perfect Mol-Ten and see how that does.

In other news, I'm getting bombarded with paid-to-watch videos all of a sudden! I'm not complaining, that's more money in my "pocket", just seems weird. Last time I had this many was around Christmas. I wonder if something is going on? Either way, I'll be cashing out a couple accounts soon! :D In the meantime, I'm all caught up so I think I'll go take a nice, warm nap outside. It's freezing in here. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Friday, April 27, 2012

SC: Pink Forever & Ulta Treat

Hello, all! Boy do I have some things to share. I can't attribute all of it to this morning's business (though that is a big part of it) because some of this is leftover from last night. Even so, I think today I shall start with the polish. I have both cringed and marveled at this color. Not the polish itself; like most Sinful Colors it's a great formula that goes on smooth and dries fairly quickly. It's the color! It's called Pink Forever which is a fitting name, surely. As I was describing it to Brak, however, another name came to mind. Barbie Blood. This color is pink. Not light pink, dark pink, dusty pink, baby pink, reddish/orangey or any other tinted pink. Just pink. Ever since my chat buddy suggested pink it's gotten into my head. I don't think I ever would have picked up this color otherwise. It's great, very pink.... If you like pink. Trust me when I say that you have to like pink to want this color. lol

Pink Forever

See? Pink! I think I may have been possessed when I was digging through my box (now getting full with 201 bottles) of polish and also grabbed Sinful Colors: Pinky Glitter. My inital thought was to go all over like I did with my Valentine's Day Water Marble, but after my little treat trip I decided I'd be dealing with enough glitter in the near future. I opted, instead, for matching glitter tips.

Pinky Glitter

Cute, if a bit uneven. Ah well. So, what next? Yes, last night I was digging around the internets (uh-oh) and the Barry M magnetics are now on eBay! So instead of starting on the A Englands I'm going to go ahead and grab the dark silver (black) and blue ones when I cash out my internet monies in the next few weeks. Then I'll start hoarding purchasing the A Englands. Because, well, by then I should be about done with magnetics? Hopefully? Until Colette swatches the Nabis and I can see if the creamy looking ones are anything special.

Which catches me up to today. I was a good girl this morning and woke up early to clean out my car so I could take it to get inspected. Before I left I noticed an email from Ulta and they're having a buy 2 polishes get 1 free. All major brands (except OPI) and no mix and match, but so what? I printed out a coupon (again $3.50 off $10) and tucked that away in my purse. First I went and got my car inspected. Yes, first. Before the end of the month! See how good I was? After being all responsible I decided I deserved a little treat. So off to Ulta I ran. Er... drove. I checked out the clearance section first and it sucked again so I popped over to the more-or-less fully stocked China Glaze display. Now, I know there are some polishes from the Romantique collection that were added to the core line that I end up wanting whenever I see them swatched. Still... I guess the fact that they're (presumably) always going to be there keeps from from getting any. Instead my eyes were drawn to the Prismatics collection at the bottom of the display. When I first saw the bottles (and several times when I saw the swatches) I just wasn't impressed. That is, of course, until I saw the bottles in person and.... well.... my resolve kinda crumbled.

Ray-Diant, Optical Illusion & Full Spectrum

Ok, the bottles keep changing color so I'm having a hard time checking and Aaron's not up so I'm going by my monitor light, but I'm not sure those names are in the same order as the polishes.... sorry about that. :/ Anyway, I really don't plan on getting the other three. I actually could have stopped at two and gotten another ChG, but these were $8 (and they're selling the Magnetix for $10 which is way more than Sally's!) so I figured my free one should be $8, too. Frugal. ;) I wandered over to the essence display and almost got Gleam In Blue to throw into my (intended) upcoming denim-looking franken, but then... Well.... On my way to the register I popped over to where they had the Zoya Fleck Effects and they only had 4 of the green one and none of the other two!! *gasp!* So I put back Gleam In Blue (which I can get at HEB later if I want) and grabbed Opal before it managed to disappear before my very eyes.


When I checked out my total was a tad over $20 ($22.19 if you must know :p), but that's okay because I got this:

$5 Bonus Cash

What is that? As far as I can tell, it's like a $5 "coupon" that's only good mid-May for any purchase over $20 and you can't use it with another coupon (*pouts*) and it has to be attached to the reciept and you can't use it on clearance items. Unlike the regular print-out coupons that can be used on clearance items. Yay!? I'm unsure how good this is, but you can bet I'll be in Ulta sometime between 5/14 - 5/19 to find out and I'll probably be pretty excited then. lol Maybe I'll abstain from polish on that trip and convince myself it'll be a good time to find a nice finishing powder that better matches my skintone. -_- I just can't imagine spending more than $4 on powder (though recently I couldn't imagine spending more than $3 on polish....), but Aaron keeps noticing that it doesn't match and that's kind of a problem. *sigh* Ah well. Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

MooD Color Change Innocent/Daring

*looks around* Notice something missing? :D Yep, I said once I placed my Models Own order I'd take down the ticker and I just recieved the confirmation email for placing my order!!!!!!! {~ I'm that excited. All 8 Beetlejuices, plus the 3-in-1 clear coat plus the free black eyeliner pencil. Could take up to four weeks and I'm already antsy from waiting. For all of an hour so far.... It did end up coming out to about $86 thanks to the fluctuating exchange rate. That's ok, though, because now I know that the A Englands will be $14.75 (at the moment, at least) and not $14.50 and these are all good things to know. When I'm ready to place an order I'll have to double check the current exchange rate at the time. Speaking of monetary fluctuations, gas went down again. :D I'm not holding my breath that it'll get down to under $3 ever again, but $3.55 is way nicer than $3.89. Ok, enough of that. On to the polish!

Yesterday I decided to dig in and try another of the color changing polishes (if that wasn't painfully obvious by the title) and I chose the purple Innocent/Daring. I really like that it doesn't have that awful "you can tell we made this for kids" formula that's made me wary of scented polishes. It went on smoothly and dried in a reasonable amount of time (less than 4 hours :p) with only a hint of shrinkage at the tips. I didn't get quite as many transition photos this time, but it hasn't been that cold in the room.

This polish really is super neat. Especially if you go in and out of air conditioning frequently (unavoidable as Texas heats up for summer). Even going from room to room I was granted the super awesome "instant french" effect!

Cool. Another cool thing I'll have to remember to get a picture of next time. I was outside hosing off our a/c filter and got some cold water on my nails and had the pinkish background and dark purple spots where the water hit it. XD Now, I remember as a kid we had a bad habit of "breaking" our color change toys by putting them in the freezer or on the radiator to force a more instant/dramatic color change. I don't know if that would happen with this polish. I don't know if I'd ever end up wearing it long enough to discover if the color changing pigments wear out at all, but I sent Sandy one for her birthday (Happy Birthday!!!) and she'll wear polish for months at a time, so maybe she can clue us in on this.

Had a picnic in the park with Aaron's mom today. That was nice, minus the heat. Still have Subway leftovers so now we get to run out and see what we're gonna feed my parents for supper. lol Week's almost over! Not like it matters much to me, but hope all of you workin' and schoolin' people are making it through.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Goodish Hair Day

I was going to keep my melon/berry nails for another day (the lady at Mickey's liked them!), but then I noticed a chip. Haven't gotten around to pics yet, but I will in the morning light. Want a hint? MooD. Today is more of a hair day. Woke up feeling like being pretty so I locked myself in the bathroom for an hour to straighten my hair. Even though we're not really doing anything until tomorrow. :p Last time I sat down and did myself up for pictures was way back at the beginning of February.

I've been trying to grow it out, so I haven't cut it to even out the ends yet. Now that it's a little longer the unevenness isn't quite that noticeable anymore. After straightening it again, however, it's definitely time to trim my bangs. lol

Yeah, the box red isn't as bright as the Manic Panic. I'm going to have to do it black for Halloween and I haven't decided yet if I want to keep doing red or not so... I've got time to think about it. A little under a month, at least. Anyway, after straightening my hair it kind of arranged itself to the side like that on it's own. I kinda like it, but I wasn't sure if it was too young looking for me. So I put it to a vote on facebook and all of my friends, at least, think it looks better like this. I still need to trim them a bit since the top of the angle is still centered (easier to tell in real life), but hopefully I can manage to keep the angle-line straight without messing it all up. lol Worst case scenario I'll make a trip to San Antonio and have Ricky or his mom do it. ;)

Either way I can't wait until it grows back out. I like how long it was back in January before I decided to cut off all of the bleach-damaged ends.

As far as practicality I do like it a little shorter (though not as short as I ended up cutting it!), but I definitely prefer how the longer hair makes my face look skinnier. Anybody remember the name of that little exerciser thingy that's supposed to help you get rid of a double-chin? I need to get one of those.... Also after seeing the infomercial, I want to get this hair removal thingy. Sucks it's so expensive. :/ I hate getting old....

Hope everyone's enjoying their week. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Zoya: Ali (Meloned) & Completed Larry

Oh Ali. *sigh* I think this is a color that if you want to see what it really looks like, you'll just have to get it. I can only really partially recommend that, however, because Ali is.... well.... by far the absolute weirdest polish ever! I looked up swatches other people had and some come closer to the actual pink color that my camera just did not like. However, a few people claimed it was "opaque in one coat" and I still had VNL after three. It's a weird cream jelly that was not fully dry after 4 hours, even being semi-matte. Still a very pretty polish! Don't get me wrong there. The first coat went on super smooth, no streaking or anything. As always, the Zoya brush is fabulous and I hardly had to do any cleanup at all. Is that rambly enough? Here is Zoya: Ali in all of her kinda lumpy (from not being fully dry) totally color inaccurate glory.

After sitting outside gazing at Ali's awesome hot pinkness for a while I had an urge to do some nail art. Nothing overly complicated, but still fun looking. I had Ulta's Little Black Dress sitting out from yesterday's tips; dug out Ulta's The Jungle Look and voila!

It's not quite realistic, but that's okay. I don't really like real watermelons. I do like watermelon flavoring, though. lol I think overall my right hand turned out better. I also got the opportunity to test out a topcoat franken I made. Half empty bottle of kwik dry plus half empty bottle of crappy shiney plus a bit of thinner to fill it up. Shake shake shake and ta-da! It's not as quick drying or as shiney as it's parts alone, but it's a nice, smooth, middle-ground topcoat that didn't bubble or drag. Also, now I have an empty bottle to franken up an actual color as soon as I figure out what I want and how to get it. I think I want something denimy after my failed overalls.

While I was out snapping pics of my watermelon fingers I had this bug land on my hand. I blew it off and it came right back. I assumed it wanted it's picture taken, so here you go.

Then, before starting an octopus for my friend's daughter I decided to sit down and get the final achievement on Box Office Bust once and for all. Even if I had to sit there the full three hours in one shot and just pound it out. Thankfully, I did not. I found a track that took roughly 35 seconds to drive around, started up an untimed mission and just counted down from 360 (60minutes/hour * 3hours * 2) and I got the achievement around 219. *shrugs* Now I'm just going to show off a bit. First, the "screenshot" showing that I've gotten 100% achievements on 7 of the games I've played.

And the Box Office Bust specific screen.

So lovely. Aaron's gamerscore may be higher, but I have more completed games. It evens things out, I guess. Now to start on Isis' octopus. I think she's moving and starting at a new school so it'll be a nice little thing for her. I know firsthand how hard that is. Happy Tuesday, everybody!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Evolved Water Marble & Haul?

I knew things were going to be a bit busy from yesterday, and again tomorrow, so rather than removing my water marble so soon and risk going out with naked nails again, I decided to just add a bit to them. First I had the thought to try an accent water marble with some of the Color Club Foileds, since Icicle worked out so well. These.... I dunno. I'm going to try again with fresh water (since I was using the same water as before) because they started out spreading ok, but then the first 'ring' only took about half the cup so it got a bit gloopy towards the middle. One side came out pretty good, but the other was just a mess.

That didn't work out so well. I had a bit of time after dinner while he was waiting for a reply so I thought maybe some funky black tips would look cool. Normally I just freehand them so I can get the curve, but... I was tired and lazy so I dug out my scotch tape.

I really liked it at first, but since it's all hot and sunny they're starting to get on my nerves just a touch. Even so I decided to see how they looked matte-ed. Just to change it up a bit more since I don't know if I'll have time to do them today either.

That's pretty cool. I do like the suede-ish texture that Icicle underneath gave everything. Still, black tips are bugging me. lol

Now for the haul? part. It's not your traditional kind of haul (at least, it's not my traditional kind of haul), but it just sort of happened. Today was another Georgetown dermatology appointment (got another in 3 weeks) and it was early. I was tired. And they just had so many free samples laying around everywhere. I tried to be more descreet than grabby, but then my mom also started grabbing some and giving them to me so I ended up with 7 lotion samples and a pen.

I used to use the Neutrogena years ago, so I'm going to let Aaron have those. They're really good and he's got some fierce dry spots that could use it. I tried the Eucerin Original and it's ok. Not greasy or anything, just... I dunno. My fingertips have been super dry lately and it doesn't seem to have helped anymore than the stuff (old Avon and Yves Rocher perfumed bottles) I've been using. I'll keep using it as long as I have it and see if that changes.

Excitement!! After dropping my mom off I managed to rush out and get the rest of the Beetlejuice money deposited (thanks again, Aaron! *hearts*) and started the paypal transfer before noon so hopefully it won't take all week to clear through. :D On top of that, I'm 93% to $5 (or 49% to $10) on SwagBucks, 80cents away from cashing out $20 on CashCrate (which I'm thinking of holding out to $25 and using that for Bundle Monster), and after only 3 days I'm about ready to cash out $2 on Instant Cash Sweepstakes. Which is super awesome! Every three hours you answer a handful of random multiple choice survey-type questions with a chance to win money. Each question set gives you tickets which give you a chance to win $50 each day, and coins which you can either convert to tickets or bet as coins to win $2 every couple of hours. O_o Oh yeah. lol The best part? Any referral you get, you win what they win! (except the $50) The super low $2 cashout is pretty sweet, too. I really should update my "Online Monies" post, but I think I kinda just did. Opinion Outpost has been screwing me on surveys (hopefully now that I mentioned it I can finally finish one and get those last $2 I need to cash out from there -_-) and Inboxdollars, which has been a long time fave money maker, is just beyond sad at this point. Their sister site, Sendearnings, has been sitting at just under $12 for months. I can't even get my offers-money to show up in there anymore. Last time it even went to Inboxdollars instead, but still didn't reactive my daily emails.... Sad. But the three I'm on now are working out really well. Between those three I should be able to get my first Bundle Monster set and my first A England polish (probably Dragon) without spending any "real" money! :D I'm so excited I even came up with a hilarious mani idea for when I do start getting the A Englands. Going to match really well with a certain OPI polish. ;)

Yeah, that got a bit rambly. Sorry. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start. :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random Picture Time!

Welcome, all, to the April 2012 edition of "random pictures that have been sitting in my phone". Uhm.... Since I renamed them I have no idea in what order they were taken. So I'll start with this one! When I went to work the hose through the main outlet pipe I was about to hunker down when I saw this little sneaky curled up right where my butt was about to be.

Can ya see it? I went to grab a stick to move him and by the time I got back he was gone. -_- No idea where he went so I just grabbed a sheet to spread over the area.

The other night we decided to order pizza; since it was just Aaron and me. Papa John's has this great offer where any large pizza is only $11. With their snazzy online ordering we do a half-and-half. It's funny, really, because his half was extra cheese, pepperoni, onions, black olives, green peppers and mushrooms. My half was extra cheese, pepperoni, italian sausage, bacon and jalapenos. XD I just know the cashier that grabbed it thought the veggie side was my side.

Last time my dad was home he finally got my sister's Cougar towed away. Got more money from the scrap yard than he was trying to get selling it to people. So it all works out. Check out the first picture. Tow-truck guy tried to lift the car up before it was fully on the ramp.....

Oh, and I've made a couple more octopi.

Hehehehe I like the glasses one. My mom found a similar pattern for a squid, so I'll be giving that a shot next.

Saleen has decided that an empty cereal box makes the perfect bed.....

I also have some pictures from when I was working on the Xboxes. The first pic is just the Xbox all opened up and spread out. The second one is it half put-back-together so I could test the laser. It worked! lol

Lastly I have some blue popcorn.

And that's it. Not the most titillating selection, but now I have them off my phone and organized with the rest of my pc pics. Yay!