Saturday, March 31, 2012

Zoya: Phoebe (With Flowers)

I regret to inform you that I was unable to get a picture of Phoebe looking her absolute glowing best. I was fascinated with her as the light from my monitor teased out a shine from within and if you happen to get your hands on this polish, I recommend you put it on, sit in front of your computer with the lights off and just play around with the reflected light. Seriously cool. That said, Mr. Sunshine was very nice and decided to come out from behind the clouds so he could take a peek at Phoebe himself!

hehehehe So pretty. This is four quick drying coats. The first was super streaky and uneven, the second had a ton of drag, the third appeared to have evened everything out but I'm learning to not trust my room lighting so I went with a fourth just to be safe.

Now, I'm probably going to come off a little bit bitchy, and I seriously apologize. I was super psyched when I found out Phoebe was part of a collection, and a small one at that! She only has two sisters: Lolly & Mitzi. So of course I got to searching for swatches and.... maybe it was a bit of bad luck, but the first posts I came across for both of those look so bad!! I'm not going to point fingers, but I was unsure if these ladies had ever worn polish before it looked so bad. I was chatting with Sandy over it (to see if it was just me or if she could see it, too) and she agreed. One looked so thick and streaky she wanted me to try and get a close-up of Phoebe for comparison:

That doesn't look exactly smooth, but my nails are pretty ridgey. Yes, I did say four coats, but even these four coats are less thick than some polishes I've worn at two:

See? So I'm seriously thinking of taking the last of my pre-Beetlejuice Ulta money and ordering Lolly and Mitzi to see if they're really as bad as they look online, or if I can do better. Cuz I really think I can do better. I'm not saying I'm a master polisher or anything like that, just.... there's no way it's that bad! I just can't make myself believe that. Ok, moving on.

Last night my mom bribed me with a bottle of polish if I'd take her to Walmart to pick up yarn for some project she's working on. So I took the "not my money" opportunity to finally pick up Pure Ice: Excuse Me. A bright, shimmery yellow that I felt would accent Phoebe nicely. I wanted to stamp, but my test showed that just wasn't gonna work. So dots it is! I went a little different and attempted some simple flowers with Excuse Me and Flying Dragon.

Not perfect by any stretch, but cute.

Here's my right hand as an afterthought to demonstrate why I try to not take pictures inside anymore. LOL And because I'm sure some of you are wondering as much as I was what Phoebe looks like shiney:

There she is. I think I need to thin my clear coat.... Or maybe she's just meant to be matte! Either way I absoluely love this bright, fun color. I've also heard this collection has a problem with chipping, but so far so good on my end after 15 hours. I'll see what happens while we're out running errands. I think next I'm going to take a tiny Zoya break and see how the bar glitter looks over grey. :D Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!


  1. I totally love that blue shade.

  2. Thats a really lovely colour :)

    1. It is. :) I was almost sad to take it off.

  3. I'll send you Mitzi. I don't like it very much :( I don't have Lolly.

    1. OMG that would be awesome! Only one more to go, then. :D


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