Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zoya: Edyta!!

Yes, this is my "special" polish that I had been waiting for a nice, sunny day to wear. I'm so glad I waited, because I don't know that the real beauty would have come out as overcast as it's been (and is again). Ready for it? I dunno if you are....

SO pretty! It's a deep olivey green with a gold shimmer. Actually, the shimmer in this reminded me of the slick, almost fish-like shimmer in IHAHP in most lights.

I absolutely loved this brush! I can say, in all honesty, I don't mind paying $8/bottle when the color is this pretty and the brush is this nice. It's rounded and kind of angled and was, like, precision application. To underscore my point, here is my right hand (after one coat) before cleanup:

Would you look at that? If I was in a hurry I could walk out of the house like that (ok, after one more coat cuz it is a bit streaky there LOL) without having to feel embarassed. Every polish should have a Zoya brush, imo. It does lose a bit of it's interest (ie: the shimmer) when matte-ed, but for just the color it still is quite pretty.

Now, the reason it took me so long to post this beauty. First, like I said, Aaron's been super and he hates polish remover fumes, so I gave him a break (a whole extra day! lol) and did some stamping. I'm so proud with the technical execution, but after a while it started to look like.... old curtains.

And just for Bethany, I matte-ed it.

My only complaint about this gorgeous polish is it was a pain to get off. And I think it might have even snuck through my base-coat and stained a bit. Ah well. That's all in the past. Still an absolutely stunning polish.


  1. YAY! Thanks for letting me see this matte! I have Edyta, but I haven't put a matte coat on it yet. LOVE!


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