Thursday, March 29, 2012

Young and Simlish #10

Upon ingesting her concocted potion Stardust felt... fine. Not really different, but somehow.... ready. As she once again boarded the plane for Shang Simla, however, she did start wondering how she got herself stuck in the middle of all of this. She still doesn't know anything about Edith or her connection with the magical items in the basement; and somehow she doesn't think those answers are what she's going to find at the end of the Dragon Cave.

Making her way to the Dragon Cave she is again approached by the strange old woman. "I was drawn to your aura! Surely it is you who is destined to reach the center of the Dragon. You are strong, but I think perhaps not strong enough. Before continuing you must master the art of Sim Fu. Only then will you be truly successful in your quest...." Stardust was about to ask her what all that meant and what she would find, but the old woman vanished in a cloud of smoke. Right before her eyes! Why on earth would Aunt Edith have sent her here in the first place? This is quickly becoming too much.

But she didn't come all this way to fail now. May as well see this thing through properly. She spent the next several weeks training with ferocious tenacity, beyond pain. When her body could take no more she would meditate in the most remote locations around Shang Simla.

Rumors began to spread of the warrior sim training tirelessly in the mountains. Finally, finally she could learn no more. Her mind was worn, her body broken and smelling like a llama. To prove her prowess she entered the Tournament of Masters and swiftly fought her way through the ranks until she was declared by all to be a true Master of Sim Fu. She accepted her reward graciously and immediately left the tournament arena to prepare for her journey deep into the mouth of the Dragon Cave.

After all of that preparation (and the massive amount of simoleons she spent on provisions) Stardust was disappointed at how quickly she reached the sarcophagus of Don Hao in the bowels of the Dragon Cave. I suppose whoever entombed him here thought the enchanted keystone would be enough to keep his immortal spirit safe. As Stardust looked around this burial chamber wondering if this whole thing was some kind of joke at her expense....

She was suddenly attacked from behind by a mummy! The ancient (and purportedly evil) Emperor Don Hao wasn't really dead! Although he wasn't really living either. The mummy got a few good shots in before Stardust was able to turn around and deftly dispatch him with her mastered martial art. As his corpse (now certainly deceased) lay on the ground she gave it one more kick for good measure and it disintegrated into a pile of dust. Inside his now useless sarcophagus she found a rather large luminous gem (too bad Jacque Vaughn Jacque never made it this far, eh?) sitting atop a scroll which read simply "The Power Within". Stardust rolled her eyes and snatched up the gem before returning to the visitor's lodge for some much needed sleep.

The next morning Stardust awoke feeling sick.... and itchy. Her arms were breaking out in some kind of rash and ash she got up to go to the bathroom she noticed some clumps of her hair on the pillow. WHAT?! She rushed to the bathroom and one look in the mirror told her something was terribly wrong. Her hair was falling out and her eyes and cheeks had become sunken and hollow during the night. Something was definitely wrong. She wrapped up her head to hide her increasing baldness and booked the first flight home.

The celebrity doctor at the central hospital was no help at all. He was under the impression that, as a celebrity, Stardust was obviously anorexic and just needed some nutrients. He prescribed her some kind of "no calorie super vitamin" and sent her on her way. The rash was getting worse so she changed her clothes into something more "full coverage" and plopped down on the couch. She tried reading through some old medical books, but was unable to focus. Ari, who had been watching her closely since she got home, sat down next to her. She was about to tell him to leave when he said, "You do not look well, dear. May I ask, what happened in Shang Simla?"

She glared at him and mumbled, "I kicked a mummy's ass is what happened and so help me if you laugh I'll kick your ass, too."

"I would never laugh. Miss Sanderson, I fear this is quite serious. I dare say it appears you have been inflicted with the mummy's curse."

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