Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Young and Simlish #09

It was good that Stardust was able to go out on the town for a while and blow off some steam. The director was so impressed with the footage she brought back from France that he offered her an actual part in his new movie! A "key supporting role" he called it. Stardust is so super excited she tells everybody she knows.

Does it matter that the "key supporting role" is as one of the villain's minions? Certainly not! Stardust is finally in a movie and she is, after all, the head minion. This means plenty of lines to remember. The other upside is that in show business Lines = Simoleons!

It may be jumping the gun a little, but things have worked out well so far so Stardust hires herself a butler. He will live with her and take care of those menial chores that tend to pop up and suck away her time. His name is Ari and he is quite friendly despite his snooty appearance. He does have one strange habit, though. When the house is clean and Stardust is at work he tends to wander around the house sitting on all of the couches. He was given clear orders not to venture into the basement and so far he's made good on that, so a little game of solo musical couches can be overlooked.

And his diligence has given Stardust enough time to finally poke through Jacque Vaughn Jacque's journal. It seems he made a habit of overspeaking his true accomplishments, even in the face of certain death. Turns out the keystone is legit, but he was never able to get it to work properly. He did, however, uncover a legend that alluded to a potion of some kind that would "harmonize the bearer of the keystone". Of course he disregarded such legends as hogwash, being an adventurer and not a daydreamer.

Stardust has no such qualms, having lived most of her life in (and for) her dreams. The Voodoo Dolls of those fairy tale sim-witches turned out to be true, why not potions as well? She spends most of her free time pouring through the Spellbook until she finally finds a page simply titled "Harmony's Potion". It gives no clues as to what it's for or what it does, but what has she got to lose? All of the ingredients are simple enough and can be found upstairs in her own kitchen. Except for the last. She needs to powder three uncut gemstones.

She spotted several outside of the movie lot as she rushed in for her last day of shooting. Best to grab those on the way out, she couldn't be late for her big death scene! Her mounting excitement over potions and legends made her nearly relieved, but still a bit sad, as the movie's hero knocked her unceremoniously from the top of a faux French cottage and into a kiddie pool that would become an acid-filled bog in post-production. As she headed out to make some magic the director told her not to go too far. He was impressed and if she looked as good on film as she did in person then he would surely have more work for her in the future.

For now, however, there is more work to be done! She gathered up the uncut gems and rushed home where she spent all night pulverizing them with a hammer until they were as fine a powder as she could manage. The next morning she gathered the rest of the ingredients from the kitchen and rushed downstairs to mix them all up in the giant cauldron left by her great Aunt Edith. She may not be a star yet, but just getting to be in a movie was enough to steel her resolve and erase any regret over "unfulfilled dreams". She took a deep breath, cleared her mind and drank.


  1. I laughed so much at "solo musical chairs." I can just see some sim hopping around sitting on all the couches, playing musical chairs with himself.

    1. By far the strangest automated sim I've seen. Like he had ants in his pants and just couldn't sit still. Maybe Stardust should make bigger messes to give him more to do?


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