Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Young and Simlish #08

Who else would be on the phone, but that increasingly eccentric director?

He's already working on his next film. Think Simdiana Jones meets Jack the Ripper-sim and he wants it set in France. Of course he can't afford to fly a whole cast and crew to France, but he could possibly send Stardust there to get some video footage of some buildings and countryside. Well if that isn't super convenient. One of the perks of being a Lucky sim!

First things first, though. As intended Stardust jogged to the library to dig up whatever information is available on Jacque Vaughn Jacque. Unfortunately, there wasn't much. He was an adventurer who claimed to have unlocked the secrets of the Dragon Cave. Well, we already knew that! Apparently he was also known to have boasted besting the vast underground maze found at the Ruines de la Champs Le Sims. Whether or not this was true, it was the only lead she had; and what would be more "Simdiana Jones" than an underground maze? Sounds like two birds to me!

She was unsure why, but Stardust immediately felt uncomfortable and out of place in Champs Le Sims. This was such a drastic change from the comfortable feelings she got in Shang Simla (and in her own town of Appaloosa Plains) that she darted directly into the visitor lodge and changed into something more local to help her blend in.

This helped, but only a little. She'd just have to get the footage and find out what she could about the journal just as quickly as possible. The footage was easy. Walking to the "Ruines" afforded some spectacular shots of the countryside. The maze was another matter. It took her two days to reach the center where she found a chest containing a journal, a keystone with ancient simlish writing on it and a note:

"Apologies. I appear to have overestimated my own skills. I was certain I could best the Maze in the Ruins and saw no harm in saying I had. Unfortunately, only having just now reached the center, I'm sure I will never make it out. I really did uncover the secret of the Dragon Cave, and my hope is that one day some more fortunate adventurer will find this and finish what I have started."

Cryptic. Stardust retrieved the contents of the chest and began the two day trek back through the maze.

Back home in Appaloosa Plains it was time to relax and unwind from the unsettling craziness found in France. Stardust called up Johnny and asked him to meet her at the bar. His band had just finished rehearsal so he rushed over to meet her. She was hesitant to give up too much information, but after an hour or so of talking Johnny sensed that sitting on the barstool eating stale nachos was not quite what she needed.

So they danced! Look at those moves. They kept at it until the bar closed and then Stardust once again invited Johnny back home with her. She keeps wanting to ask him to move in with her, but it just doesn't seem to come up. A little sweaty tenderness does, however, which is enough to knock her right into dreamland.

Waiting for morning I fully expected Johnny to either fall asleep with her, take off in the night or creep back down to the basement and he surprised me by doing none of those. Instead he stayed up the whole night playing guitar at the foot of her bed until sunrise. They had a lovely breakfast of pancakes together before he went back home to shower and Stardust left to drop the footage off to the director.


  1. LOL he plays all night. Adorable.

    1. He really did, too. Shocked me that he didn't need to eat or go to the bathroom. lol

    2. I love how strange the sims will end up acting! Maybe I should make a story with one of my sims.

    3. You totally should!! :D I love reading other people's sim stories. It's a fun and easy creative outlet, too.


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