Sunday, March 25, 2012

Young and Simlish #07

The inside of the Dragon Cave was surprisingly unremarkable. There were some corridors with statues and bonzai trees. Felt an awful lot like a tourist trap. If that is the case, then what was up with that old lady vanishing? At the back of the cave Stardust found a room where it appeared previous sims had left offerings so she sat and meditated there.

After several hours she didn't feel anything and was about to give up when someone tapped her on her shoulder. She nearly jumped out of her skin! Stardust whirled around and came face to face with a young woman who introduced herself as Xi Yuan.

"My apologies. I believe I have a message for you. Please, come with me."

Well, why not? She's been making a habit of taking orders and advice from strangers recently, may as well see what this one has to say. She followed Xi to a nearby temple where they sat for tea and Xi emparted some rather interesting information.

"My grandmother seems to believe you are destined to unlock the true secrets of the Dragon Cave. I'm not convinced there's anything in there other than what you saw, but she is adamant. I hate to ask this of a complete stranger, but if you ever happen to find yourself in Champs Le Sims would you mind looking around for the journal of Jacque Vaughn Jacque? He was an explorer many many years ago who claimed to have unlocked the secrets of the cave before vanishing mysteriously."

Stardust thought it over for a moment and, figuring she had nothing to lose, agreed to seek out the journal provided Xi could teach her some local customs and folk songs to appease her manager. Xi agreed and they spent the rest of Stardust's "vacation" in Xi's home together.

Stardust arrived home just in time to be fashionably late for the movie's wrap party. Everyone involved in the movie was there and the director and producers were all thrilled with how the final picture turned out. Even though it started out as a little Indie film on a makeshift movie lot, they expected huge box office returns. A couple of the other extras even wanted Stardust's autograph. And even though he wasn't in the movie, Johnny was there. Despite all the commotion and celebration they did manage to spend some time together before he offered to walk her home.

Stardust invited him inside for coffee, even though it was a bit late for coffee. They talked for a long time, getting more and more intimate until Johnny suddenly confessed his attraction for Stardust and kissed her. He pulled back, blushing and apologetic, and she just couldn't resist him like that. They spent the night together and trust me when I say he didn't have a moment to himself to wander back into the basement. Whether he ever intended to or not... I don't know.

The next morning they agreed to continue seeing each other. Johnny promised to call this weekend and left with a visible spring in his step. As Stardust made her way into the kitchen she got a tickly feeling in her tummy and was suddenly surrounded by a glowing ball of light!

As quickly as it appeared it was gone again. She didn't feel any different, except.... She felt great! Not hungry, not tired, not dirty. She felt like a million simoleons and was very focused on one thing. She would jog to the library and find out what she could about Jacque Vaughn Jacque before figuring out how she was going to get to Champs Le Sims. She was nearly out the door when her phone rang....

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