Friday, March 23, 2012

Young and Simlish #06

Stardust has been loving her new princess bed. And the director has been giving her plenty to do. Photocopying scripts, fetching coffee, dusting off sets. She did have a small walk-on part where she got to ask Harmony's character for spare change; which was enough to earn Stardust her own manager! So far this has only amounted to a dog food commercial, but it's a huge step in the right direction.

Shortly after her dog food commercial aired, Stardust recieved a surprise visit from Johnny Johnson. You remember him; lead singer of "The Screaming Llamas"? He saw her on tv and remembered them hitting it off at Harmony's party so he decided to stop by and ask her to dinner.

Stardust excused herself for a moment to freshen up before they went out and told Johnny to make himself at home. I fear this may have been a mistake. While she was in the bathroom I caught Mr. Johnson sneaking down into the cellar. What could he possibly be up to?

Whatever it was, it was quick, and he was back upstairs without Stardust being any the wiser. They went out and had a nice lobster dinner by the beach. They haven't kissed yet, but I think they might be getting close. He gave her a few tips about being a celebrity and dealing with masses of fans before they parted ways.

The next week was a whirlwind of activity for poor Stardust! Her manager really stepped up his game and had her booked for all sorts of menial celebrity gigs. Presenting a check to the school, recording a few radio commercials, even another walk-on part in a series being filmed at the movie lot! (apparently the director decided to diversify) Being famous is exhausting and Stardust hasn't even fully realized her dream of being a big star yet!

With her first big paycheck she decided it was time to start upgrading her surroundings. To be a star, one must live like a star. So after some serious online shopping Stardust's living from went from that,

To this! Very swanky. She even remembered to make sure a good security system made it into her shopping cart. Still, she needed a break. Her princess bed and fancy living set weren't enough to shake the feelings of unease that cropped up during her downtime. What was with that dream? How did she change clothes in her sleep? She called her manager and explained her need to get away for a few days. He was sympathetic so long as she made sure that wherever she went she kept herself in shape and for goodness sake "try to learn something from the locals; expand your acting portfolio!"

That very afternoon Stardust again found herself in Shang Simla, breathing that familiar air. Her intent was to go to the market and observe the locals for the day. Take it easy and just quiet her mind for a while. This plan changed when she was approached by an elderly woman.

"Ah, you look young and unafraid, and I sense you are searching for something. Yes, you were drawn her for a reason, I can see it in your eyes. You see that cave on top of the mountain? Travel there and make an offering to the dragon gods. Surely they can aid you."

With that the old lady was gone. Vanished! How peculiar, and yet... intriguing. A two-hour hike up the mountain brought Stardust to the mouth of the Dragon Cave. What wonders will she find inside it's depths?


  1. Hmmmm what was Johnny doing in her basement I wonder?

    1. *shrugs* I dunno. Will be interesting to find out.


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