Saturday, March 17, 2012

Young and Simlish #05

After managing to wrench herself free from the possessed book, Stardust made herself upstairs. She only made it halfway to bed, however, and passed out cold on the couch. She had another strange dream, but this one she remembered with perfect clarity.

She was back in Shang Simla. The town was empty and she wandered the streets looking for something. She wasn't sure what, though. She made her way to the Scholar's Gardens and began meditating for guidance. She started floating; higher and higher. The item she was searching for was just out of reach when she awoke.

Now this is definitely odd. When did she change clothes? And what was she looking for in her dream? Seems life is just mounting with unanswered questions. She sat for a moment, trying to shake the cobwebs from her still-sleepy brain when her phone rang nearly knocking her off the couch.

It was Harmony! She braced herself, waiting for the news that Harmony had decided not to do the cameo after all. That revelation never came. Instead, Harmony invited Stardust to a celebrity party at her house. Formal attire, of course, and please don't tell anyone. The paparazzi are everywhere.

As luck would have it, Stardust did pick up a nice little party dress while she was at the consignment store. She arrived at the party right on time (which, for celebrities would be a bit early), but Harmony didn't mind. Straight away Stardust was introduced to Johnny Johnson, lead singer of the band "The Screaming Llamas". They really hit it off!

The night was a swirl of laughter and amazement. Before she knew it the clock struck 1 and Stardust was a little tipsy from the flow of nectar. Harmony noticed Stardust swaying on her feet and said she was more than welcome to spend the night. "By morning those nosey photographers will have given up anyway" she said with a wink.

Harmony's bedroom was the epitome of opulance. Plush and gold everywhere. As she lay down Stardust thought to herself, 'This bed is amazing! I feel just like a princess.....' She slept just like one, too. Looks like things are finally looking up for Stardust.

She awoke bright and early the next morning, totally refreshed. On her way home she made a stop by the furniture store. Using the bonus she recieved for signing Harmony she purchased her own princess bed. Now she just hopes that the director continues to be kind so she doesn't have to return it....

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