Thursday, March 15, 2012

Young and Simlish #04

It appears Stardust has been quite the busy little sim. After her profound snubbing by Harmony she decided to indulge in a little retail therapy down at the consignment store. She does still need a new wardrobe after all.

It's not her normal style, but perhaps Harmony will be more likely to give her the time of day if she looks like she likes horses? She also picked up a few outfits for herself while she was there. She decided to walk home to give herself some time to calm down and gather up her thoughts. The director didn't give her a firm deadline, but she had a decent feeling that "sooner" was definitely "better" in this case.

When she got home she was just about to dive into some of the leftover pizza in the fridge when she noticed a strange door tucked into the corner of the kitchen. How did she not notice that before? In spite of the feeling of unease growing in the pit of her stomach, she was pulled to discover where this door could possibly lead.

Oh my! What was aunt Edith in to?! This certainly doesn't look like your average wine cellar. Stardust wandered the basement in a daze, trying to process what she was seeing. Nevermind that she had never heard of any "great aunt Edith", she was sure someone would have mentioned if she came from a magical family. A twinkling of light in the corner caught her eye and she followed it to a dark corner of the room.

Could that be... a real voodoo doll? No way.... but, perhaps. She had heard stories in school about sim-witches using voodoo dolls to get other sims to do their bidding. These stories were generally sinister and never turned out well for either party. But her parents were hippies! No way they would have been so nice and peace-loving if they were related to monsters, right? She hardly registers putting the voodoo doll in her back pocket before being drawn to the book on the opposite side of the room. Perhaps it's finally a scrapbook to answer the growing pile of questions inside of her.

I probably don't have to tell you that it was not a scrapbook. It was a spellbook which posed more questions than it answered. It did, however, answer one. The index listed a few entries for "friends" and after thumbing past the pages detailing Imaginary Friends, she found what she was looking for. Making Friends: Get Sims to Like You!. She stayed up all night pouring over these pages, memorizing every word. Tomorrow, if Harmony wouldn't give her the time of day, then she'd take it!

And so she did. After making her obligatory stop at the movie set to update the director on her status (which was met with a curt: "No Harmony, no dice"), she walked down to the beach. This was purely a hunch, no more than an inkling, and she fully intended to stalk the stables just as soon as she got some fresh air in her lungs. An extra trip was unnecessary, though, because Harmony was at the beach sunning herself. Stardust approached her companionably, introducing herself and asking for a moment of her time. Harmony still would not have it. She sneared, "Why should I bother with a nobody like you?" and moved to walk away. Without a moment's hesitation Stardust pulled the voodoo doll from her pocket and bound it to Harmony.

It really is amazing how compliant a sim can be if you just know how to talk to her. All Stardust really wanted was 5 minutes to convince Harmony that this cameo would be good for her career. Instead they spent most of the day chatting and telling jokes. Turns out they have quite a bit in common. Harmony had a picnic delivered right to them there on the beach (it must be so nice being a celebrity) and by the time they finished Harmony was ecstatic about the cameo and insisted they have a proper restaurant meal together soon.

That went well, and Stardust is finally on the way to realizing her dreams. She wouldn't be needing that voodoo doll anymore so she took it down to the basement where it belongs. As she set the doll back onto the table, however, she heard pages turning behind her. The book appeared to have a mind of it's own and as she tried to close it.... I have a bad feeling about this.....

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