Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Young and Simlish #03

Welcome back. What perfect timing you have. After returning from Shang Simla, Stardust had just walked in the door when she had a visitor.

He introduced himself as Timothy Johnson, a lawyer in charge of Miss Edith Sanderson's estate. If she would just follow him....

"Wait, what? So you're the one who sent me the letter? What's going on? Who is Edith Sanderson and why should I follow you anywhere?"

Mr. Johnson gave an exasperated sigh and looked at his watch, but Stardust wouldn't budge without some answers.

"Miss Edith was your great aunt, she passed away. She wanted to leave her house and belongings to you (her only surviving relative), but she wanted to be sure you deserved it, hence the trip, can we go now? I'm very busy."

With that he hustled Stardust into the waiting cab and off they sped into the countryside.

On the way she tried to ask him more about her "aunt Edith", a person she had never heard of before, and what's this about "deserving" the house?, but the lawyer, in lawyerly fashion*, spent the duration of the trip on his phone.

The house itself seems fairly plain, tucked away in a wooded area on the outskirts of town. It is quite big, though. As Mr. Johnson hands her the keys she's about to ask how she's supposed to afford to live here, but...

He's gone. Of course he is. Well, no point standing out on the sidewalk all day. Maybe there are some clues inside that will shed some light on things.

At first glance that doesn't seem likely. The house is barely furnished, no photos or scrapbooks in sight. At least the kitchen is impressive with it's fancy new appliances. Being the unskilled chef that she is, Stardust ordered a pizza (did you expect food in the fridge?) and tried to settle into her new surroundings. At least the trash compactor was useful.

Stardust didn't even realize she had fallen asleep on the couch until she awoke with a start. She was sure she had been dreaming something, but could not recall what it was. She did, however, suddenly remember where she was and what had happened over the past week and she hadn't been to the studio in all that time! It also occured to her that Mr. Lawyer Johnson had shuffled her away so quickly she didn't have any clothes! Maybe this aunt Edith would have something in her size....

Oh my.... Not exactly fashionable, but there's no time to worry about that now. She'll just have to go clothes shopping after the director turns her down again. Is it fortune or fate (or some cruel, cosmic joke?) that her new house is quite a bit closer to the make-shift movie lot than her old one? It takes her only half the time to burst into the directors office and demand he give her something to do!

"Ah, you again, I was starting to think you fell of a horse or something (stupid backwoods town *grumbles*). As it so happens, today is your lucky day. A little birdy told me that Harmony, yes the Harmony, is in town (some equestrian thing or other *grumbles*) and if you can convince her to make a cameo appearance in my little film... I suppose I can make you an extra somewhere. What do you say?"

Stardust is caught off guard and barely manages to squeek out a "you can count on me" before she is escorted out into the parking lot. She actually has a chance to be in a movie! This could be her big break. There's just one little problem. Who is the Harmony? She calls up her bartender friend, Shaun, and gets lucky again! He doesn't know who "Harmony" is, but he has heard some of the regulars complain about "some uppity blonde woman" hanging around the stables requesting bottled water for her horse, Oscar. That's as good a lead as any, right? She thanks Shaun and heads for the crowning glory of Appaloosa Plains: The Hoof & Heart Horse Resort.

Harmony is easy enough to find, she's the one that everybody else is staring at. Stardust approaches her and decides to dive right into her request before losing her nerve. Harmony... is not impressed. Not even mildly. One condescending look and snort of derision later finds Harmony galloping off down the track and Stardust standing there bewildered. She has got to find a way to get Harmony to appear in this movie! Her entire life's goal depends on it.

*No offense to any lawyers who may be reading this. It sounded good in my head, so I included it. :p

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