Monday, March 12, 2012

Young and Simlish #02

Welcome back, dear readers. It pleases me to inform you that, true to her nature, Stardust has not given up on her dreams. Not yet, anyway. She's been hard at work trying to make herself as appealing to the director any way she can.

As soon as she got home she spent all night in front of the mirror practicing what she would say. Charisma, after all, is a very desireable trait in a star, yes? Day after day she returned to the makeshift studio; her tactics running the gamut from begging to reverse psychology. She even tried wearing different outfits to make herself look more professional.

Sadly, after two weeks of daily visits the director still turns her away. One day she finds an unusual letter tucked in with her bills. Her heart soars thinking it's a personal invitation from the director, but instead it appears to be some kind of scam. It reads:

Stardust Sanderson,

Recent events dictate that I contact you regarding a serious legal matter. However, before I can disclose any further information there is something you must do. Travel to Shang Simla and meet with an associate of mine. He will give you further instruction.

Timothy Johnson

Shang Simla? Yeah right. She can barely afford to feed herself! Tucked away in the envelope is a business card for the local travel agent. With nothing else to lose she calls up the agency and, sure enough, there is a round-trip ticket waiting for her. How strange and exciting! Perhaps a few days overseas will help her regain her focus.

In the quant Asian town of Shang Simla, Stardust barely has time to unpack before she recieves a cryptic phone call from a man identifying himself as Shing Chen:

"Go to the temple in the center of the Forbidden City; there you must find an ancient relic. Once found, bring this relic to me in the market."

This sounds both dangerous and possibly illegal, but Stardust steels herself and heads toward the Forbidden City.

The temple is a maze of secret doors and dead ends. Luckily Stardust is observant (and Lucky, actually) and manages to make her way through unscathed. After hours of searching she spies a glowing treasure chest containing a very intricate jade vase! After reclosing the chest a door opens up behind her and leads her straight back outside.

As the sun sets she reaches the center of the market where she is approached by the man on the phone; Shing Chen. He takes the vase and introduces himself, more properly, but gets right down to business. She has two more tasks to accomplish during her time in Shang Simla.

"You have shown great bravery and cunning. Now you must expand your horizons. Go across town and see 'The Noodle Man'. Sample his dishes."

With that, he walks off....

This is all getting very strange, but she is quite hungry after her adventure. Stardust hops in a rickshaw and travels to see The Noodle Man who offers her bowl after bowl of ramen until she is certain to burst!

After slurping down her 10th bowl of ramen Stardust is startled by her ringing phone. It's Shing again. (who else would it be?)

"I hope you have enjoyed our local flavors. Get some rest. Tomorrow you will more finely hone your physical skills by learning some martial arts."

Does he have to be so abrupt? Given her exhuasted (and bloated) condition, The Noodle Man is kind enough to offer her a cot in the back of his noodle shop.

Bright and early the next morning Stardust awakens in the abandoned looking noodle hut. How strange! No time to think on that now. She walks all the way to the training dojo and begins her final task. She trains for the duration of her final two days, gaining two new belts, but recieves no more calls. Could this all have been a dream? Or hallucination? What is going on?! She boards the plane for Appaloosa Plains feeling confused and slightly dejected. At least she's returning home a more well-rounded sim.


  1. Lol she sleeps in a cot in the back of the noodle shop! Adorable!


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