Sunday, March 11, 2012

Young and Simlish #01

Ah, hello dear friends. Come, gather 'round. It has been quite some time since we have peeked into the lives of my little sims. Luckily they are still living their simlish lives, unaware of our random voyeuristic interludes. If you care to join me, I believe I've found a very promising subject.

Meet Stardust Sanderson. If you hadn't guessed, her parents were hippies. Well, they may still be. Stardust was, for all intents and purposes, orphaned. When she was only 15 years old her parents left her alone while they embarked on a "spiritual journey" through the deserts of Al Simhara. Five years later and there is still no word regarding their location or condition. Stardust did well enough. She stayed with neighbors and finished high school with a respectable B average. Everyone in town loves her for her sunny disposition and ginormous personality, so everyone in town did their part to help. The only real problem Stardust has is this:

Stardust's personality and ambitions are, quite possibly, too big for the little town of Appaloosa Plains; a rural town in the middle of nowhere. She loves to dance and party and socialize with anybody who will give her the time, and hopes to one day be a huge TV star. Ah, but cleaning up horse stables and walking dogs at the park aren't likely to get her too far away from her humble roots.

One night while enjoying some grilled cheese at the local watering hole Stardust hears a bit of gossip from the bartender that sounds far too good to be true. He says that he's heard rumors of some eccentric, hot-shot movie director setting up shop right here in town! The grumbles from the regulars (all life-long locals) lend credence to this outrageous claim. She vows, in that moment, to get to the bottom of this. She can't let this opportunity slip away!

The very next morning Stardust wakes up early to make herself a wholesome breakfast. Poor girl's never cooked a meal in her life, but this never crosses her mind. Her burnt waffles serve only as a bad omen that follows her clear across town to the ramshackle office (and half-built movie set) across town.

Omen or not, the moment Stardust sees the set she's spurred on and bursts into the director's office out of breath and grinning from ear to ear. "I'd like a job, please. Any job. Can I get you some coffee? Sweep floors? Proofread scripts? I'll do anything if you just-"

Aw. I guess it was a bad time. Worry not, "quit" is not in her vocabulary. If it were she would have given up four years ago when it was clear her parents were unlikely to return. We'll check back on her soon enough and see how this young sim faces her biggest challenge so far.


  1. I love The Sims! I'm rooting for Stardust!

    1. Hurray! So am I. :) Hopefully I can get a good story out without losing too much continuity. LOL


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