Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ulta Shopping & Untrieds

Yes, yes, yes. I'm awful. I know this, you know this. But, seriously, here's what happened. That cheap Chinese nail wheel sucks. Like, super sucks. Tried to "pop" the polish off and broke one of the nails in half, tried to scrape it off (like I do with my palette) and that wasn't happening. Tried some non-acetone remover and... the polish kinda ate into the plastic. *gggrrrr* So, while I was out this morning I swung by Sally's. They have packs of, like, 5 or 10 for $6 and I really just didn't want to spend that much. They did have these teeny bottles of (supposedly) super quick dry topcoat for $0.39 and that's more like what I wanted to spend, so I got two.

Ok, so Sally's is right next to Ulta (really, two doors down) and I couldn't not stop in, right? Not with my coupon and card and everything. The clearance section still sucks (big time), but they had the Ulta polishes on sale buy one get one free (the BEST kind of BOGO!) so I got Concrete Evidence (I don't have a grey) and Little Black Dress (it haz silver shimmers!).

That's only $6 for the two of them, and the coupon is (again) $3.50 off $10, sooooo..... I got the Luxe and Lush from ChG's Hunger Games.

I'm about to try this over Papaya Punch. Why orange? Why not!? I have two untrieds that will be going over black so I want something bright. In the meantime, here's my Untrieds Short List. If there's anything you want to see, let me know! I'm having a hard time deciding. If nobody picks something then I'll just go back to the foils after this orange break.

Color Club: Antiquated, Lumin-Icecent
Hard Candy: Beetle
essence: prism@tic white
Ulta: Concrete Evidence, Little Black Dress

Yeah, that's the "short" list because those are the ones I'm most excited to try and going through my box got a bit daunting. I've got two or three more posts coming up (dunno if I'll get to Sims, working on building up a house) so stay tuned.


  1. i bought some of that Out the door...don't know if it really makes it dry any quicker...but i paid $0.99! no fair! lol

    1. lol The original price for these itty bitty baby bottles was $1.99 so you're still doing good!

  2. I hear you can use tape to remove polish from nail wheels. Just stick it on and its pulls right off

    1. I've actually been doing that with my tester-palette. Just that the cheapo Chinese nail wheel I did have... sucked. The polish ate into the plastic! I need to suck it up and get a pack of 'em from Sally's. lol


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