Friday, March 23, 2012

Ulta: Little Black Dress (plus Luxe & Lush)

Ok, probably not the smoothest idea to go strolling into the Georgetown dermatologist with bright orange/red hair and black fingernails; but I'm not usually what you'd call subtle. I wanted to give Luxe and Lush another chance to wow me so I started with Ulta's Little Black Dress as a base:

I picked this one up and really like it because of the subtle shimmer that makes it more than just your basic black. Of course the shimmer is more subtle on the nail than in the bottle, but it's still there and still very pretty.

I only used one coat, though it really could have used two. It looked more complete indoors, I guess. Application was smooth and dried pretty quickly. Anyway, after a day I added a healthy layer of Luxe and Lush.

This flakey is so weird. It's still mostly orangey in direct sunlight, but it's much prettier indoors! Like a whole rainbow. This is with three layers of topcoat to try and make it as smooth and "flakey under glass" as possible. I tried to get a video by the light of my monitor, but of course that didn't work so here's the one I got outside:

If you miss my commentary, let me know. I don't mind talking through the videos. :p Of course I couldn't resist adding a matte topcoat. Again, it looked prettier indoors. Like a holographic black-felt picture.

I like it, but I kind of want to get the Zoya Fleck Effects like Colette has here. I just haven't seen them anywhere yet. :(


  1. I love that black, it's the shimmer, it makes it wearable :)

    1. Yeah, it works really well all on it's own. :) Clean up was really easy, too. Didn't smear all over the place like some blacks.

  2. That looks great with one coat! I didn't know you had red hair. That's awesome!

    1. lol Ayup. Totally and 100% chemically induced. Actually, my roots are getting kinda long. Time for a touch up! ;)


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