Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taming the Jungle

Today we went Round 2 with "the yard". Not our yard, remember, the one we're doing for his mom. Not her yard either, just where she's staying. I don't have any pictures either, sorry. I intended to get a boot-shot so you could see my wet, grass covered jeans and muddy boots.... but I forgot. We made so much progress in today's five hours and I'm totally feeling it. Oh crap!.... Ok, I'm back. Sorry, forgot to mapquest my mom's appointment for tomorrow. Where was I? Oh yeah. So we came a bit more prepared this time. Borrowed my mom's van and took our mower so we could get some double-mowing going on. Got a bunch of these annoying vines raked up and bagged. Got about all the crap moved out of the areas that still need to be mowed. His mom was out there helping move stuff, too. Seriously, I gotta be super lucky having such an awesome ma-in-law. She's funny and likes me and doesn't give me crap. So between the three of us the yard is almost done! Only just a little bit left to finish off tomorrow after my mom's Georgetown appointment. *woohoo* That hard part is going to be convincing Aaron to wake up and get out there. LOL So that's that. Haven't started painting my nails yet (pretty sure I know what color, just don't trust my wobbly fingers yet) so I think as a consolation prize I'll go ahead and do March's phone pics next. I have a couple so hopefully that'll be amusing. The typing is not helping my hands hurt any less, though. :p

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