Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Water Marble

Happy Paddy's Day everyone. I'm not really into drinking (and, honestly, just hope the bank is open today), but I love green. So what better way to not get pinched than a 3-green water marble?

Sinful Colors: Innocent
Ulta: Limelight
Ulta: The Jungle Look

I started with one coat of Innocent:

Which is coming off more yellow than it really is. Then I taped up my fingers:

I do all 10 before I start. Makes life a tad easier. Now here's how I did my design. Started with alternating colors, three times each:

Started at the center and made a line up and one down:

Then just made three or four lines horizontally all the way across:

I tried to line my fingers up so the lines would all go straight up and down on my nails. Mostly successful! Except for one poor finger that somehow didn't get dipped all the way:

I was going to repaint and dip it, but.... decided I really didn't want to go through the trouble. Here's how everything turned out:

I'm not sure if you can see it, but I used Perfect Mol-Ten to stamp a shamrock in my bald patch:

Speaking of bald patches. After about 30 minutes of drying I used that Out The Door topcoat I picked up for 39cents. It works really well and dries really quickly, but somehow it smudged the crap out of my pinky. Can see a bit of naked nail peeking through:

At least you can only tell in real life if you're really close. It's only got to make it to this evening anyway; then I'm doing a polish combo requested by Aaron. Yeah, really! LOL Hope everyone has a festive and safe weekend!


  1. ugh! your water marbling always turns out so well! mine is always all chunky and stupid looking! lol

    1. Just gotta practice. I love the Sinful Colors for this cuz they're so cheap. Today I picked up one of the colors I'm gonna need for that mummy water marble come October. LOL


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