Thursday, March 1, 2012

Really? Pink?

lol Yep. Really. Pink. I'm not sure if the color choice was supposed to be some kind of joke, an actual "I like this color" or just messing with me; but pink it is. I used Sinful Colors 'Just You Wait' because I thought the name was kind of appropriate in this case, I had only used this one in water marbleing before, and I was really kind of hoping the gold shimmer was going to show up more.

So far I haven't seen it, but then I haven't been in the sun yet. I added the hearts this morning just because.... I dunno. I guess my nails were just screaming at me for hearts. I used one of the plates that came with my Salon Effects kit and Sally Hansen 'Burmese Ruby' (chrome) for the stamping. Ah, but it's now March 1st! Green green green a'comin'. Oh, and after tooling around Chloe's Nails for a bit, I think my plate set is from MASH? I saw this post and I have that exact plate. Same designs and number. So... maybe? If so I don't think I have all of them because I saw someone else (I forget who) using one and I didn't have it. *shrugs* Soon enough I'll have some Bundle Monsters and can call them as such instead of "this plate". And it looks like I've wasted sufficient time so now it's off to the hospital. Hope everyone has a great day.


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    1. Thanks. :) It's one of the better ones that came with the Salon Effects kit.


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