Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Piggy Polish: Poet-Tree (and rune design)

So I picked up this Piggy Polish on clearance for a couple bucks at Ulta. I'll confess if I had something like this 15 years ago I probably never would have put it on my fingernails. :p You know, because it clearly states on the bottle: "Goes on toes!" But I'm an adult now and I'll do whatever I like with my polish. Here is Poet-Tree:

A very lovely, very creamy sage green. (note: when I showed it to my mom she said "I like the other green better" referring to Cha Cha Cha! LOL) Now, I may not be quite as literal as I once was, but I do have a teeny little gripe about this "goes on toes" polish. Color me crazy, but when I pick polish for my toes I want something that is opaque in 1 coat. Not 4. The teeny little brush (a huge jump from OPI's monster brush yesterday) would be the perfect size for little piggy toes, but... I don't see myself ever putting a sheer green gloss on my toenails. Fungus-looking, much?

Anyway, silly me thought that three hours would be plenty of time for 4 coats to dry and... I really should have known better. Aaron's on all the time about how much I move around in my sleep and I did have a couple of casualties:

So I ultimately ended up with 5 coats and a topcoat (which I was going to skip) and it fixed most of my dents, but not the worst of the damage:

Still looks a bit better. So... I haven't been actively avoiding doing Paddy's day nails; but I haven't been as into the idea as I thought I would. This kind of comes close.... sorta. In a very generic kind of way, I guess. I was thinking back on my cow-for-strength mani and wanted to take it a little further on the experimentation trail.

From left to right that's Jera for peace, happines and to break through stagnation; Ansuz for inspiration and communication; and Fehu for luck and abundance. That's essence High Spirits painted on with an extra e.l.f. concealer brush and topcoated with NutraNails Speed Dry. I really like these colors together and I'll find out through the day if it helps to bring those energies to me. Whether or not I find any noticeable difference, I should probably warn you I'll likely be doing more experiments like this in the future.

It seems like I picked a bad time to want to do a sunlight swatch. I knew it was going to be "mostly cloudy", but I think this is definitely more "uniformly overcast":

Fortunately spring is definitely on the horizon. As evidenced by the blossoming (but somehow never-quite-fruiting) peach tree/bush:

Have a great day!


  1. haha fungus toes! so other than the brush is smaller....i wonder what makes it "toe polish" I agree that when i put color on my toes i like them to be bright and go on with 1 or 2 coats!

    1. I dunno. I'm assuming it's just a name/gimmick thing.


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