Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paddy's Day French Tip Attempt

Took my mom in for her procedure and everything is a-ok. Couldn't have gone more smoothly. While I was in the waiting room (waiting, HA!) there was an older guy (mid-50s) waiting on his wife and man alive this guy could talk! Here I am trying to catch up on the Bethesda/Interplay lawsuit (Bethesda won, yay!) and this man just would not shut up! The one part of the "conversation" that I did think was kind of interesting, in a funny kind of way, was that he's writing a book that "proves" that Oswald shot JFK. Well, I mean, Stephen King just told me that. :p He was nice, though, and I hope his wife is ok. She was in the cubicle next to my mom and they were having a hard time waking her up. So best wishes to her.

I did have the weirdest experience, though. The more I looked at my nails, the more I was really diggin' the pink! I never quite saw the gold shimmer, but I think it might be fairy dust or something because I was almost sad to take it off. Even though I didn't top coat the hearts so they were rubbing off in parts. I think I may have found my pink. Anyway, it's gone now, so let's move on. I did some stamp testing before I started and now I know that Ulta's Sun-Sational is opaque enough to go over darker colors! *makes mental note for next overalls attempt* That's not what I did, though. I started with Sun-Sational:

Topped that off with Sinful Colors 'This Is It':

Busted out one of my unused plates because this french tip kind of looked like a Celtic Knot:

And got to stampin' with Ulta's 'The Jungle Look':

These french tip stamps are always such a pain. My right hand is all kinds of crooked, but the images were more crisp. My left hand is mostly straight, but the design smeared a bit. Actually, at the moment they're all kind of smeared. HEB had a combo pack with Wet n Wild quick dry polish and topcoat for $1.99 (I got 'SaGreena The Teenage Witch') so I tried the topcoat and it is really good, but it smeared my tips. If I don't look too hard it doesn't look that bad so maybe I can live with it for another day.

Now I'm off to bed. Hopefully I won't wake up at 4am again.... Take care, y'all!


  1. I tried to stamp the tips of my nails once and it was a mess! These are much better than mine!

    1. Thanks. :) It really is SO hard to get them straight! I've got so many of them, though, I'm kind of determined to keep practicing until I get it right. lol


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