Thursday, March 22, 2012

Out of the Jungle

Yay! Today was actually pretty easy and quick, and surprising! First I took my mom to her appointment in Georgetown and she had a biopsy done. We should know what's up with her leg rash next Monday. *fingers crossed* it's not Lupus or worse. Then when I got back Aaron was up and ready to go so we headed out to finish up the yard! There was only a little bit left and the ground was mostly dry so we finished up in about two hours. Then his mom informs us that she's gotten a new futon frame for us off of Craig's List, if we'd just follow her out to the place to help her load the frame (which wouldn't fit in our car on the best of days lol) then it's ours and thank you so much for taming the lawn. O_o That was unexpected and so very generous.

Just signed up for MemoLink which is supposed to be like MyPoints with the earning points for free stuff. You can click there to sign up for free. If you want. You don't have to, of course, and you won't hurt my feelings if you don't. I've got 2,500 points already and I don't know what that means (edit: 40,000points gives me $25 on amazon!), but I'm excited to see if this one pays out! They have options for sending me a check and amazon gift card so *fingers crossed*. Looks like they got about a bazillion (read: a lot) things to download for free for points (which I can always immediately uninstall so it's not clogging up my hard drive) so I'll spend some time on that tomorrow, I think. For now, Sims! And keeping an eye on my polish. I've got three layers of topcoat and will be severely upset if it bubbles.

OMG!!! Models Own just added the new Beetlejuice Polishes!! *faints* The green one I want isn't in the new box set, though, so I see this being a fairly expensive birthday.... Why is it only March?! I want the whole set.... I think after this upcoming Dallas (ok, suburb of Dallas) Ulta trip I'll be saving up my nickels for this. I want it so bad!! Like, seriously, every time I look at them my heart skips a beat and I know how bad that sounds, but I can't help it. Have you ever seen anything so pretty?! (ok, quick maths: $31.60 for the box set + $19 for the other three + $31.50 shipping = $82.10..... damn; think I may have to resign myself to just the box set cuz that jump in shipping is a KILLER {is $52 all together for just the box set})

Ok *deep breath* I better go sim before something bad happens. lol Hope everyone had a great Thursday.

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