Friday, March 2, 2012

Nail Art Contest

Just a heads up. While catching up on my blogs (the ones I read) I was over at The Nail Buff and she alerted me (ok, everyone, really) to a nail art contest hosted by Chalkboard Nails. The theme is dotting tools, and it doesn't have to be a new design so I dug through my archives and entered my Pacman Nails! *fingers crossed*. Oooh, Shinies! is also doing a contest with a Nature Theme and I'm so ashamed of myself because I've got nothing! :( I'm a bad, bad hippy. It's open until March 27, so hopefully I can find some kind of inspiration. I'm not expecting to win anything, and I am a *tad* concerned about over-exposure, but.... what can I say? It's fun to be involved in things. Good luck to everyone who's entering!


  1. remember that green that you did that you said sucked? when you were trying to do the glitter... well maybe you could turn that design into something naturey...i still have the pic on my phone if u deleted it. For whatever reason when i was reading this i thought of that mani that you did

    1. I said a green sucked? O_o How awful of me! LOL Yeah, go ahead and re-send it back. I kind of got a tentative idea while I was doing dishes, but I really would rather do something green than something blue. ;)


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