Monday, March 26, 2012

Mini Walmart Haul

I am a blogging machine lately. LOL Just had to share this real quick. I know there are people who scoff at Walmart, but ya know what? They sell Pure Ice and Hard Candy. Plus my other point I'll get to in a second. I went to Walmart with Aaron because he needed some stuff for his tooth, fully intended to pick up a bubble envelope (sorry, Bethany, I swear I'll get right on that first thing tomorrow!), then I got distracted. I had to check if my hair dye was Clairol who I just found out tests on animals, then got super excited when I found out I use Revlon! *phew* One bullet dodged. Then while I was in the area I thought I'd check if Walmart had Whimsical and it does not. The whole Revlon setup in Walmart is totally different from the one in HEB and there wasn't even a slot for Whimsical. Yours may be different, though, so don't be afraid to check! While I was over there I saw that their Salon Perfect rack was on sale for 75cents!! Each... not the whole rack. So I sat trying to figure out which of the paltry few I wanted and decided on these:

Slate (which is dark grey, not purple), Olive (which is darker than it's showing up) and Silver Mint (....fairly close to accurate). I almost got Mercury purely for the name, but I already have so many silvers. So I was still technically good. I mean, c'mon! 75cents! Unpass-upable. While we were there I did remember that I promised Mario that if he was still there I'd come back for him. So I got another new shirt.

Which is the other reason I go to Walmart. Cute clearance shirts. I got, like, five of the Miley Cyrus shirts for a buck a piece and they're cute so I wear them and I don't care who's name is on the tag. I'm wearing one right now. It's got pink and grey stripes. LOL Now, I've been up far too long and must sleep! G'night all!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing olive, it looks like it could be interesting :P

  2. Olive is the one I want to see too! Don't worry about me, take your time. I actually found one in Rite Aid and I picked it up. I'm gathering lots of different nail polishes for my giveaway and I'm getting crazy excited about it! Btw, I get nail polish at Walmart too! Why not? I picked up the Hard Candy duochrome that you swatched and I can't wait to try it!

    1. Hurray! I wonder if we have a Rite Aid relatively nearby.... This one walmart is the only one carrying Salon Perfect and they clearanced it after only a month. I still want to get their green glitter crackle!! BTW: I have Olive on now and my review will be GLOWING! lol Also, I have a super cute nail art idea I hope I can pull off. ;) Can't wait to see you show off Beetle. :D


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