Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Phone Pics

Here we go again. March 2012 edition of "random pics that got left in my phone this month". A lot of them have to do with all the rain we got this month. This first was was from early in the month. We went to Little Ceasers and Aaron ran in for the pizza. While he was gone it started raining and I couldn't stop myself from taking a picture.

This second one is what I see when I open my car door in the rain. Parked here at the house. Our driveway sucks so bad and I keep telling myself "park closer to the Cougar" and I keep forgetting and am too lazy to re-park so I just jump over the puddle.

A couple of weeks ago Aaron ran into Mickey's for a capuccino and I was sitting there waiting and this monster bug dropped onto the windshield. I checked to make sure it was, in fact, outside before getting this close with my phone. :p

The other day we were at HEB and saw this truck and were like "WTF is that!?" LOL Looks all fancy and futuristic. Had never seen one before. Until we were heading home when we saw another one! So weird.

Looks like my neighbors are moving! I dunno if looks are decieving in this case or not. They filled up the U-haul for 3 days and that was almost a week ago, but there are still cars (one of them is their car) showing up so.... *shrugs* I got a tad excited so I took a pic.

This one is pretty funny. Day before payday we decided to just have a smorgasbord with all the leftover crap junkfood we had in the freezer that hadn't gotten eaten for some reason or other. Had a couple of White Castle sliders, some frozen tacos, microwave fries and a hot pocket. Aaron cooked it up and arranged my plate so it looked like a robot face!

Never noticed before my bank statement has a longhorn on it. :p

And, finally, there is a dip in our back yard. Hard to mow, but generally nothing special. Now, the storm system that passed through here was bad, sure, but we got the light end of it. So imagine my surprise when I was taking Jet out to do her business and this dip in the yard was filled in. Like a little pond. It's never done that before.

There you have it. The random pics I took that I just couldn't stand to not share somehow. Tomorrow's gonna start early and stay busy so I should probably do my nails now unless I wanna wander all day with 'em naked. Which I totally don't. Hope everyone is doing well.


  1. omg they are finally moving?? damn trash can stealers! lol

    1. I know, right? lol It's hard to tell cuz there's still people over there every day even though it has to be empty and the yard is empty and we haven't seen the dogs. That's what I care about. You know I don't hate dogs, but those ones..... did not like that they could get into our yard.

  2. i saw that freaky truck/car thing too! ryan says it's nothing special, but i dunno...

    1. Of course, he *would* say that. He's probably part of the conspiracy.


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