Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lizzy's Guilt-Free Shopping List

Disclaimer! This list is compiled on an "as far as I've been able to research online" basis. I don't write to companies and I don't know the bloggers that do, so I can't really vouch for them. (and, seriously, unless you work for the company you don't know if the PR rep is lying or not) I try to keep up to date and while this may not be important to you, it is to me. It's not easy to keep up with every brand, but here is my personal shopping list for polishes that (as far as I've been able to research online) don't test on animals. With prices, because whether you care about animals or not, that is important to most people.

essence: $1
Wet N Wild: $1-$2
Sinful Colors: $2
Pure Ice: $2
Hard Candy: $4
KleanColor: $4
Ulta: $6*
China Glaze: $7
Piggy Polish: $7.50
Zoya: $8

So there you go. Ulta gets an asterisk because as far as I can tell the brand doesn't, but some people get upset because they sell brands that do? Avon, as I mentioned, gets their ingredients from companies that do. And since I know it's so popular OPI doesn't (as far as I can tell), but they're now owned by Coty which, apparently, is notorious for animal testing. So, personally, it's on my "only if I have to have it" list. I'm not as impressed with their selection overall like some people are so I don't mind not buying it. I don't have any Orly (haven't been impressed enough yet) but I'm pretty sure they're ok, too. Don't quote me on that one, though. This list is just ones that I have that I can feel good about buying again. If I'm unsure I try to check before I buy. (Note: I TRY. I don't always succeed, but thankfully I've been lucky so far) If this is something that's important to you as well, researching isn't too difficult (depending on your level of having to know for sure). I just pop "name of brand animal testing" without quotes into my search bar and then open up a couple of pages. Find the polish you're looking for since most pages have a "do" and "do not" list on the same page, and that's it. Ok, that got a little wordy. Apparently I have a lot to share today. I hope somebody finds this helpful. If you don't care (I really don't want to know, please keep that to yourself) that's fine, but I'll still try to remember to post up new friendly polishes when I get them myself.


  1. You wouldn't think that companies would still test on animals nowadays, it seems like such an old and ignorant thing to do. I have never thought about nail polish in terms of how it is tested I guess I always just thought that it is automatically known to be safe or something but that's just me being naive :(.

    1. It really is archaic, for cosmetics, especially! I didn't really start thinking about it until recently myself. Now that I know, though, I try to be more careful about which companies I support.

    2. Yeah I'd like to think I would as well but I know that I'll forget :( I have finally nominated you for awards! :)

    3. Yeah, I ended up confusing myself a lot with who does and who doesn't, that's why I made this quick list. So much easier to remember. And thank you! That's really awesome. :D


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