Thursday, March 22, 2012

Letters From Nowhere (game)

I have no idea why I'm up so early.... Ok, it's not early early, but way earlier than I need to be up. Oh yeah, cuz for some reason I was burning up and it's only 67 degrees in here. O_o

Anyway, thanks to the storm (and our dodgey power lines) I was hesitant to load up sims, so I started playing Letters From Nowhere. This game's about two years old, but GameHouse had it up for unlimited free trial (ad-powered... yay) so I downloaded it for a (haha!) rainy day. I liked the game, but then I really like hidden object games. This one has a mildly interesting storyline wherein you're this chick who gets letters from a ghost to help you track down your missing husband. You go from location to location tracking down clues and more letters. This game offered two of my absolute favorite casual-game features. Unlimited Seek & Find (found in most hidden object games) and trophies to collect! Which I don't think I've seen in a hidden object game before. I like making up my own goals for games that I like, but predetermined goals (and fancy trophies/achievements to show for them) are fun, too. I only had to look up how to get one of them (wrangling 500,000 points in one level), and once you get the feel for the levels they're not very hard at all. ....I guess that depends. What I mean is for combos and stuff, once I played through a level in unlimited mode I could go back and get them done in about a minute and rack up the points needed. Except for that last trophy. I didn't realize you had to get all of the bonuses (including 2 that don't blatantly give you extra points) and have a perfect run through.

Since this "free" version was ad-powered that did get fairly annoying pretty quickly. Having to sit through 30 seconds of an ad just to go back and play the same level. More likely to forget where things are! So after getting the last trophy and taking my screenshot I uninstalled it. I have more than enough points to get the ad-free version, but if I'm going to spend points on something that's not an amazon card (they're still only offering free games and discounts at the moment *grr*) I'll get the sequel. Ready for my "proof of awesomeness"?

Ta-da! Lovely. If you like this and want to see some completed trophies from the Delicious games, I have some here and here. lol I keep thinking I should 'tag' my posts, but the thought of going through my entire six year archive again is not something that's appeals to me. Yet.

Hrm. Still almost two hours until I have to be awake. Guess I'll try to lay back down for a while. Coming up soon: Ulta - Little Black Dress!


  1. how did you get the establish your personal best time in any location of unlimited mode?

    1. I just keep playing a single level over and over until I have the item locations memorized. :)


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