Monday, March 12, 2012

KleanColor CHG Video

Finally the sun! A couple of things before I get to the video. First.... I don't know what happened with the audio. The video is smooth enough, but the audio is really choppy and annoying. If you decide to just turn it down and watch without sound, I'll add some explanation underneath so you can follow along. Second, if you notice near the end of Bluebell it cuts off and comes back; Aaron came out to tell me something so I paused. lol Oh, and I forgot to mention in the video all coats are two coats. Two of each base color and then two of the glitter. Ready?

I hope that works. For those of you who watched muted here's the swatch order:

1a: Clover alone
1b: Clover over green
1c: Clover over black
1d: Clover over white

2a: Bluebell alone
2b: Bluebell over blue
2c: Bluebell over black
2d: Bluebell over white

3a: Scarlet alone
3b: Scarlet over red
3c: Scarlet over black
3d: Scarlet over white

4a: Purple alone
4b: Purple over purple
4c: Purple over black
4d: Purple over white

You also get the special bonus preview there of my "special" sunny day polish! Which I will be posting tomorrow. Can you tell what it is? Since Aaron's been so great I'm going to give him an acetone break and try some stamping over it. Also! I did a little test last night and the CC foils spread out quite nicely in water so after I finish swatching those I'll probably water marble with them. At some point. lol Hope everyone's having a great Monday!

*edit* Uhm.... that looked way better before the upload. What's up with those lines? I guess next time I'll just use the Vado camera..... Sorry! I'll try and get some decent stills while the sun is still out.


  1. i dont know if it was the lighting or what but alot of the polishes that were over the black...looked brownish. Especially on the pictures. Weird. Was it windy today? that could have messed with the audio? It didn't sound windy but sounded weird! I can't wait to get a nail wheel! Save my fingers from painting on just to see what it looks like! How well did the nail polish come off the wheel?

    1. In real life it's more orangey than brown. And that wheel totally sucks. lol I'm gonna have to see what Sally's has next time I'm out that way.


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