Friday, March 23, 2012

I Haz Pretties

No, we haven't been to Dallas yet. Aaron called up Norcostco (the main purpose of the trip) and they don't have the latex in yet. He talked to a couple of people and left his phone number, so hopefully soon. I did get Pure Ice: New Lilac last night because walmart had it on clearance; but other than that I haven't gotten any new polish. I did get a couple of little things, though, while we were there (Walmart).

LOL Little Miss Princess lip balm. I've been wanting to get one of these little ball balms for a while and I just couldn't resist. The cardboard part comes off so it doesn't get all ruined. I also got a shirt on clearance for $5.

Yoshi! I almost got Mario, then Aaron found this one. I like the cut of it. Makes me feel skinny. On our way out we scoped out the claw machines. The dollar machine had a Hello Kitty, but she was ledged (yes, ledged not wedged) under something else. So we hit the one with the jewelry and stuff. He tried first and knocked this over on it's side then I swooped in and picked it up. Surprised me!

I've always liked Betty Boop. :) This isn't my favorite watch by a long shot (somewhere I have a Keroppi watch with a broken strap), but it is cute and I'm going to wear it.

I was digging through the boxes on the porch for a second and found this!

We got this shirt for my grandma when we were in Germany (which makes it about 24 years old) and she would wear it all the time. She wasn't a small lady so it's like a dress on me, but I think I'll be using it as a nightgown. It's so comfortable! If it starts feeling like it's seriously going to dissolve I'll cut out the front and do.... something with it. My cousin made an old shirt of hers into a pillow. Might do that. And while I was out taking pics and stuff of my nails I had company:

Say Hi, Jet! The best part about the neighbors cleaning house (even if they haven't officially moved out yet)? Getting to take her out more regularly without worrying about her rushing up to the fence and the 2 pit bulls busting through. I know she's loving it.

Welp, hopefully I won't have to go out again (except to pick up my dad from the lot! Yay!! :D) cuz I'm about to take down my cute hair and pop out my contacts and get comfy. lol Hope everyone had a great week.


  1. that shirt makes your BOOBS look really big! Bigger than normal! LOL didn't think that was possible! LMAO

    1. LOL They're the same size. I think it might just be my waist is smaller and the cut shows *that* off? I do have a better bra, too. Sturdy. Hasn't, ya know, buckled under the weight yet. :p

  2. shirt makes you look skinny because you ARE skinny!! looking good Lizzy... LOVE the haircolor!!! and insanely jealous of the sunshine!

    1. Thank you, thank you. :D I'll try and send some sunshine up your way. We're nice and warm (mid-80s) now, so I know it's gonna get hot hot HOT!

  3. I LOVE the red hair! I agree with the above comments: don't need to be worried about looking skinny!


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