Monday, March 19, 2012

Hard Candy: Beetle (plus stamped)

Wow. I have seriously been trying to get this posted all day. I do have two videos to share with this lovely polish, no talking, though. Figured I'd spare you that weird Valley Girl whine I got going on. :/ Anybody else hate the sound of their recorded voice?

Anyway, this is one of those polishes I saw and had to have and didn't check it's animal testing status until after I got home. *whoops* Thankfully (as far as I can find) they don't animal test.



Bravo! lol I wore this for almost 2 full days and believe me when I tell you: The only color I didn't see was blue. Red, fuschia, maroon, orange, yellow, gold, copper, green, brown. Seriously. Which brings up my possibly controversial point. I don't have Clarins 230 so I can't do a side-by-side, but from swatches I've seen they look pretty close. I will even go so far to say (feel free to quote me) "Beetle is a far prettier polish for $4 than Clarins 230 is for $60". There, I said it. And I'll stick by it because every swatch I've seen of the so-called "Unicorn Pee" has been pretty unimpressive. Some people like it, more power to 'em. I will never buy it. Unless I found a bottle for under $5.

AAAaaaaanyway; remember how I said I used whatever polish to clean my plates? Well, this morning "whatever polish" happened to be 100% acetone and look what it did to my plates!

It's all rainbow streaky. It's no big deal, just that it's never happened before. I used the full-nail design in the middle. It says "peace + love" over and over. Worked pretty well. Oh, I stamped with SH Copper Chrome.

Then, of course, I matte-ed it.

Oh, then just as I knew was going to happen; I get my polish off and before I can do anything we just have to go out. With my naked, horribly stained nails!! *shame* I'm about to trim them down and then figure out what I want to do. It's supposed to rain again. Maybe I'll use that as inspiration.... hrm.... I has idea brewing. :D Oh wait.... Oh no! I can do that. hehehehe This is gonna be kewl. I hope.... We'll see. lol Hope everyone had a fantastic Monday.

*How did I not resize these pictures? O_o So weird....


  1. omg that is so pretty! i want! i love hard candy! glad to know it's safe to use!! I do feel a little guilty cuz some of my polishes are on the naughty list. But they are all years old and i didn't know...and why waste them right?

    I love the stamp on it too! Matches really well! And i'm shocked you left it on for two whole days! LOL I still have my St. Paddy's day nails!

    1. lol I feel the same way. I feel bad having it, but I'd feel worse just throwing it out. The money's already spent, it wouldn't *really* prove anything. You HAVE to get this one. This is one coat over 2 coats of black, by the way. I forgot to mention that.

  2. I've never tried a Hard Candy polish but I should. This is gorgeous. Also, it will be a cold day in hell before I pay $60 for a nail polish. I agree with you. I love polish, but I'm not insane :)

    1. LOL Exactly. This really is so pretty in real life. I hope you get it. :) The other colors at our Walmart, at least, aren't that impressive; but this one is GREAT!

  3. That looks hot! I love it when a polish makes you stare at your nails all day long ;) it's so pretty :D

  4. Very pretty polish! I'm 100% with you that I would NEVER dream of forking out for "unicorn pee", which incidentally is a really ridiculous thing to nick name a polish imo - I just don't see what the fuss is about!
    I love your matrix plate, where did you get it?

    1. I kind of like the rediculousness of the name, but in my opinion it doesn't fit. Maybe I'd feel different if I ever saw it in person? *shrugs* Anyway, that plate I found on eBay here:

      Hopefully that'll go to it. :/ If not you can put 270917278295 into the search bar.


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