Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Nails (Nail Fetish: Babe)

I have no idea how to get this down without getting ahead of myself at some point. So.... ok; a couple of days ago when I went and got my oil changed I figured I drop into Dollar Tree since it's right there and see if they had anything new. Well, they did. I've been wanting to use this color and I figured after my little temper tantrum this morning it was time to try a happy color:

I present to you Nail Fetish: Babe. Found at Dollar Tree and this polish is a dream. I think that should have been the name for it. Perfect in two coats, so bright and fresh. The only downside is the brush is all kinds of chewed up. LOL Obviously it works well enough, but I'm seriously concidering swapping caps with another bottle. I was still feeling a little pouty so I took an early trip to Ulta and grabbed their last bottle of "I Have A Herring Problem"! And also two more essence polishes so I could use my coupon. It always shocks me how nice they are about that! I think this chick was more excited about the coupon than my rewards card.

As happy as I was about that, and as gorgeous as Babe looks in the sunlight.... well.... There's really no such thing as too happy, right? So I busted out some stamping plates:

And went Hello Kitty all over my nails:

I know a couple are a bit smudged, and I didn't top coat so parts are rubbing off, but it's only got to last until tonight. You know what else makes a happy Lizzy?

More Hello Kitty. :D Like you didn't see that coming. So I won't be getting my BM plates for free after all. That's ok. I'll just get them the old fashioned way, I guess. In the meantime, let's time travel a bit so I can show you what I did to make my cow mani last another day:

I would have done this first, but I thought it would be nice for the thumbnail to match the title. Here's a bit more of a fuzzy close-up so you can see Mink's sparklies:

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!


  1. You got I've Got a Herring Problem? Yay! I love it. Btw, your hello kitty nails are so cute!

    1. I got it! I've got it on now. :D Can't wait to see it in the sun. Thanks so much. Wait 'til you see what I've got in store this summer after the other Sanrio plate restocks. hehehehe

  2. OMG I LOVEEEE HELLO KITTY! I have the same stamping plate too (the one on the left) hehe


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