Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Concrete Raindrops & Naked Nails!

Yep, I went nude. Totally unintentionally, but it gave me the opportunity to share a couple of things. And you know I just love to share outside the box. First up, though.... Actually, first let me explain this first picture a bit. Not gonna have my nasty, stained nails as my fb thumbnail. Last night while eyeballing my nails' nakedness I decided it was time for a trim and it got a little out of control. So for the moment I'm nubbined. :( Definitely shorter than I intended (I'm such a spazz!), but they will grow back. *deep breath* Ok, first up I have Ulta: Concrete Evidence

ACK! NUBBINS! If you could see how massive my hands are, you'd know why this is a problem for me. Anyway, so far I've loved all of the Ulta polishes. The formula is so smooth and this was two coats. Without any appreciable nail line to be visible I could have gotten away with one, but I am becomming a *tad* OCD on the two coats. It's such a cute, even, light grey and I'm very glad I grabbed it.

We had a pretty bad storm last night. The thunder made us all jump a few times with how loud it was. Also, I kinda wanted to give my Konad plate another shot so I turned the "blood drips" design into raindrops!

It looks cuter in the picture than in real life. It took me a couple of nails before I figured out I needed to scrape sideways instead of longways. I kept pooling the polish in the big end of the drops and losing the tips. *boo* So this only lasted about an hour. Later today I get to show you the last CC foil!

But that's probably not even why you're reading this. You're curious about what's been going on under all that polish, huh? Well, it's not pretty. I couldn't even find the post where I last showed them, so I don't know how much growth this is. I did find this pic from about a month ago where I had one nail naked so I cropped that out for comparison:

Yep, that's about a month after my first water marble stained the crap out of them. After that I began diligently using base coat. Even if I was sure I wouldn't need it, because I'm usually proven wrong in those cases. Yes, my nails are terribly stained because I used to not basecoat and I would wear my polish for a week or so until it started chipping horribly. So, how much healthy-looking growth have I had in the past month?

I want to say it's almost doubled. So, last night we went out before I got to repaint my nails and I showed this to Aaron trying to point out the clean-growth line at the bottom and he was fixated on the stained part and exclaimed "Your nails look so bad! They're gonna fall off!!" LOL If I could find my buffer, that might help. So far, though, soaking in different solutions (denture cleaner, lemon juice, peroxide and baking soda...) has done squat. So I'm so happy that my various basecoats are protecting them from the staining. Or maybe it's just the frequent polish changes.... Either way, I'm looking forward to healthy looking nails before the end of the year!

Then, after the big trim:

*sigh* So short. The upside is that there is now a better clean-to-stained ratio. And, I don't know what's changed, but they don't peel and crack like they used to! I'm actually happier about that, because it was just so frustrating. No matter how diligent I was about not picking at them, the whole top layer would just split right off the tip; and they don't do that anymore. I should probably take the opportunity to work on some full-nail stamping while they're so short. I just wish I had better designs.... Damn you, Gamehouse!!! *grumps* Guess I'll go outside and get some pics of Antiquated while the sun is out. Supposed to storm again today. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start.


  1. I think they're cute short! I'm WAY too lazy to use a base coat. I should but it takes so long and I'm too lazy to do it every day (or ever) Lol.

    1. I guess I'm lucky. Two of the three basecoats I have dry SO quickly, so it's not even a hassle. By the time I'm done with the last finger I'm ready to start painting. :D


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