Friday, March 16, 2012

Color Club: Lumin-Icecent

I feel so bad because I only got one picture of this, and I was so excited when I got it on. Didn't even end up matte-ing it because... well... I somehow demolished my whole right hand (after wearing it for a full day) and got so pissed I just took it all off and went to bed. Here it is:

So pretty!!! But not really unique, so what got me all excited? As soon as the sunlight hit it I thought "OMG SPECTRA!!!" Remember Spectra? From the 80s?

My sisters and I had all of those and the special buffing bed (battery operated!) and a whole set of special wind-up futurist.... thingies? They could hold 'em.... Anyway, in my humble opinion Spectra was way cooler than Barbie and it's probably no surprise why I'm fixated on shiney things and robots/cyborgs and outer space. LOL Can you believe that someone on the site where I found this made Spectra her Barbie's robot maid?! *pssh* In my universe Barbie would be the subservient to the cybernetic overlords. hehehehe

(yes, I realize the dolls are pinkish and Lumin-Icecent is blue... I guess I figured for an 80s style metalic doll she'd have contrasting nail polish :p)


  1. This color looks like the color of the hair of the one in the middle wearing yellow!


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