Friday, March 9, 2012

Color Club: Hot Like Lava (with chrome compare)

Oh my goodness, woke up at 4am again this morning (I keep doing that and having to force myself back to sleep, dunno why....) and it was so stormy outside! I cracked open the curtain and just let the thunder and rain lull me back to sleep. So nice. Of course that means another dreary (and chilly!) overcast day so still no video. *ugh* But as promised here is Color Club Foiled #2(in my collection lol):

Hot Like Lava. That picture is actually pretty color accurate. This polish is HAWT! Like a fuchsia? Yeah, I had to look up how to spell that.... I love this color so much I painted my toes to match. Right over Blue Moon! lol You can see here that the metallic finish of these foils is opaque enough that the dark blue base doesn't really affect it much:

Another reason I just love this finish. And just for fun, here's the last time I painted my fingers and toes to match. lol This was about two years ago and you can see how long I used to keep my nails. Since I started really hurting myself I keep them a little shorter now.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's two different pinks. :p Anyway, I was looking at HLL and thought for sure I had a Chrome that matched it and wanted to (hopefully) show you the difference between the foil and chrome finishes. I think I made a pretty good match with SH Carnelian Chrome:

You can't really go by the bottle.... For this collection SH colored the bottles and the bottle color doesn't always match the polish exactly and you can't see how much is in there. Lame. Anyway, I taped off my ring finger crossways one way and painted on Carnelian Chrome and then just for kicks I taped it off crossways the other way and added a matte topcoat. Looks really cute if my first tape wasn't a bit crooked. Anyways, here's the difference between foil and chrome normal:

The foil finish is more sparkly and textured; the chrome is smooooooooth. You can see the difference more dramatically with the added topcoat:

The foil gets that gorgeous suede look and the chrome just looks flat and much darker (irl) than the original color.

While we were at HEB and I was picking up foil #3 (Cold Metal swatch tomorrow!), I also spotted this little cutie sitting in a giant bin of candy-filled plastic Easter eggs:

*SQUEELS!* I'm debating over whether or not I want to open it. The candy probably sucks, but there's stickers! I can't tell by shaking it, but I really just hope it's not that gross, chalky necco-type candy. *shudders* Oh! How do you think the foil/chrome comparison photos look compared to the first two? I got one of those fancy, swirly halogen bulbs for my room hoping I won't have to wait for daylight or force myself out into the cold and wet if this weather keeps up. :p I know nothing really replicates sunlight, but as overcast as it's been.... ya know.

Thanks for reading. Hope everyone has a great day and a fantastic weekend.


  1. Love that first pink, nice and shiny :) I can't believe how long your nails used to be!

    1. Yeah, for a pink it really is something else. Minus scratching myself, the only big downside to having them that long was keeping them all the same length. Sure enough as soon as they all grew out, I'd break one. -_- lol

  2. i really like the foil! and what a difference the top coat makes! i thought you painted 4 different colors at first! :) i need to practice with taping since i'm giving up on water marbling and am too broke for plates yet... but i've been feeling eh and still have the Grey's Anatomy on my fingers...well what's left of it! LOL

    1. lol I'll shoot you the link with a really helpful tutorial.


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