Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Collegiate Nail Giveaway!

Wow, totally didn't expect another post today. LOL So I was closing out blogger and noticed I had another follower. Lucky #13! So, of course I had to investigate. Another polish blogger who I immediately started following (because why not?) and then as I was reading her post I saw she was doing a giveaway. Well dang. I feel a *tad* bad about entering having just started following, but... well. I'm not what you'd call a really "lucky" person and Random and I are not on great speaking terms, so why not? Here's the link to the giveaway if you're interested:

Discontinued Polish Giveaway

Good luck if you decide to enter!


  1. Don't feel bad! All new followers are welcome! Good luck!! ;)

    1. Thanks. :) Looking forward to going through your archive and catching up some.


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