Tuesday, March 27, 2012

China Glaze: Flying Dragon (smiles)

Wow. Did anybody else upgrade to the new look prematurely? I hated it when I demo-ed it months ago, and I still hate it. Nice to know my criticisms about it being too damn white were taken into concideration..... (oh boogersnot; guess I gotta html in my own line breaks now....)

A super huge Thank You to Bethany without whom this post would not be possible. She featured Flying Dragon on her blog a week ago and then sent me this lovely precious. LOL Ok, let me back up a bit and begin with my problems with this polish.

First, my room is so poorly lit it looked like a vampy plum all night until I was finally able to get out in the sun. It's supposed to be "neon" and I know that blue, purple and red are difficult to really get to glow the way neon should, but even in the sun I thought it could have been a tad brighter. The application was a mess. I started with one thin, patchy coat and then added a second generous coat (which dried surprisingly quickly) and it pretty much evened out. Those three little things, though, are nothing compared to how this comes alive, even if it's not what I truly expect of "neon".

Ok, so I finally got outside and into the sun and Flying Dragon isn't "avert your eyes" bright, but it is bright and the first polish I really had a problem trying to get color accurate.

I tried fiddling with every mode and filter on my camera and these two are the closest to accurate, but still a little darker and bluer than real life. What you see in the bright spots of the bottle is a bit closer, but maybe a little too bright and pink? *gggrrrr*

Yep, it's a matte. I've come to love my matte topcoat, though, so it's like skipping a step for me. But then I got to thinking; matte topcoat does cool things to shiney polish and shiney topcoat brings out all kinds of secrets in matte polish. Why not this one? Well.... there are pros and cons.

Took that with the red filter to try and un-blue it a bit. You can more clearly see the pretty fuschia and blue glitter hiding in the polish, but I think it made it less bright. Still pretty, just less neony. So it's a trade-off decision you'd have to make for yourself. Here's a close-up of the glitter:

See the blue ones? They hide. I wanted to do something bordering on artsy and I knew stamping was way out because of the color I wanted to use. You know, the most fun, eye-popping color you can match up with this kind of bright fushia. Yellow!

OMG that looks like a digital, pixelated mess! My camera did not like this color at all. Watching PlasmaSpeedo's test videos on YouTube I don't even think Konad's special yellow would be enough for that kind of thick yellow-on-purple contrast, but painting with polish is fun, too. lol You know what else is fun? Negative filter.

(Could you imagine a polish that actually glowed like that?!) That's really what Flying Dragon screamed to me above everything else. This is such a fun color! Mostly out in the sun, obviously. I would totally wear this to the beach.

The lovely Abbie has requested Salon Perfect: Olive, so that will be next. :D I'm curious to see how their regular polish works out. The only one I've tried is a crackle and it's really good, so *fingers crossed*. After that I think I'll give Whimsical a whirl (I did pick up an envelope, finally!). I've got an idea for a base that I haven't seen used yet. We'll see how that works out in a couple of days. By then I will have one of them shipped out so I don't get the bottles mixed up. ;)


  1. I liked with a shiny top coat too! It isn't exciting enough as a matte!

    1. lol Yeah, definitely needs a LOT of sun to be interesting matte.


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